By 1966 Mary Quant was producing short waist skimming mini dresses and skirts that were set 6 or 7 inches above the knee. It would not be right to suggest she invented the fashion mini skirt. 

In 1965 she took the idea from the 1964 designs by Courrèges and liking the shorter styles she made them even shorter for her boutique Bazaar. She is rightly credited with making popular a style that had not taken off when it made its earlier debut.

                                           Vidal Sassoon and Mary Quant

The five point hairstyle that says 1960s. Mary Quant also sported a sharply cut geometric hairstyle. One of the most famous and favoured cuts of the era was the 5 point cut by Vidal Sassoon. Left - Provincial more bouffant variations of the asymmetric cut fringe circa 1968.

Quant found London girls seeking newness only too willing to try her new daring short mini skirt. The fashion trend took off because it was so different and to wear it well you had to be youthful to get away with an outfit that was so controversial particularly among adults.The Quant style was soon known as the Chelsea Look.

The shapes Quant designed were simple, neat, clean cut and young. They were made from cotton gabardines and adventurous materials like PVC used in rain Macs. They almost always featured little white girly collars.

The Mary Quant Carnaby Street styles swept the USA and it was my first introduction to wanting my hair styled in a "Sassoon" , my skirts short, stacked heeled shoes, love beads, bright colored "opaques" (tights). We had very bright colors and we thought we were the coolest girls to ever be on the streets of America. (We were) LOL Read more about Mary HERE


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