This was possibly the hottest show of my young teen life. It was watched by teens because the girls loved Michael Cole and wanted to look like Peggy
Lipton. That HAIR.... I still want her hair! But OMG Michael Cole was gorgeous!

The plot lines were pretty flimsy and I can't remember 1 single episode. We didn't care about the story we were watching those actors. Basically the characters were narcs and we all hated narcs. But they certainly captured the style of the late 60's to a tee.

We wore our hair very long, straight, and parted down the middle. Aviator glasses, pocket tee shirts, flannel shirts over the pocket tee shirts, bell bottoms about 4 inches too long and dragging on the ground. What a stylish time! We thought we were so cool....

The Mod Squad was a police drama that featured three young, hip, crime fighters. One White, One Black, One Blonde, was the promotional hype-line. The casting was intended to appeal to a youthful, counterculture audience.

The basic premise was that the youthful investigators were offered work fighting crime as an alternative to being incarcerated themselves. The show's primary gimmick centered on the three cops using their youthful, hippie personas as a guise to get close to the criminals they investigated. The show was moderately popular during its initial run of five seasons and 123 episodes.

Tige Andrews (Captain Greer), Michael Cole (Pete Cochran), Peggy Lipton (Julie Barnes), and Clarence Williams III (Linc Hayes) starred. The show portrayed a multicultural society and dealt with issues of racial politics, drug culture, and counterculture. The show was loosely based on Police Officer Bud Ruskin's experiences in the late 1950s as a squad leader for undercover narcotics cops, though it took almost 10 years after he wrote a script for the idea to be given the greenlight by ABC television studios.


BillyWarhol said...

Yeah I wanted Michael Cole + Bert Convy Hair too!!!


Peggy Lipton went on to be the Waitress in Twin Peaks serving the Cherry Pie right??

i did 3 c0ol posts today - do pop by + say Hi to Ludacris + T-Pain*

One More Drink*

Retro Kimmer said...

You are the most interesting man I think I have ever encountered! LOL Wide variety of interests??? Peggy married Quincy Jones and her daughter is rashada jones the tv actress too.

Jorge said...

hi, check my blog if you like mod squad


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