Met a fabulous young retro artist today on Twitter.
Margaux is from Canada near Vancouver.
See her Retrophiliac gallery HERE

I just loved the owl picture Margaux (Emm) used as her background on her Twitter Page. (below) Liked it so much I wanted to meet her.
Sent her a tweet on how much I liked her work and mentioned that I would love to post her work here for my friends to see.
My tastes in art vary but I absolutely adore the retro style"POP ART" and Emm's work definitely fits that style.

Margaux is almost 21 and is totally into retro art, televison, and music of that genre. It amazes me that young people are discovering the very same things I loved as a teen. Creating art that reflects a generation from the past is very interesting...

"Started out with using watercolours. Most of my stuff is mixed medium though. I use a lot of different sharpie products. I use their paint pens, their large liquidy heavy duty black pens. Mostly use acrylic paint, with sharpies.

A lot of the time I like to use my laurentian double ended bold metallic markers on top of the acrylic with the sharpies. I've been using my deco-art paint pens recently though.

My technique is very random. I literally don't think about it. Just pick the colours at random. I touch the pen to the canvas and away I go. I like to do a lot of lines over layers, and fill them out so no colour touches each other. I like to do repetitve patterns, but it's mostly just me being... stoned and random.

I've been creative all my life, but this series of paintings (my first official, guess you could say) only started about 5 months ago.

Find More Margaux Here:


Anonymous said...

you go girl

Anonymous said...

Margaux is just so talented! Her personality just leaps off the page.

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