One of the best parts of growing up in the 60's was watching television and seeing what are now legendary performers playing in really silly movies. One of my most favorite of these movies is "If a Man Answers"

Starring the ultra fabulous couple Bobby Darin and his wife Sandra Dee. It is based on a story about a young wife trying to get her newly wed husband to pay more attention to her and not take her for granted. So she begins sending flowers to herself and having someone call her home and hang up if bobby answers. What a plot line, but at about age 7 it was really funny.

Bobby and Sandra really were a magical pair. Both had tragic issues to contend with in their young lives. Bobby with congenital heath issues and Sandra having grown up as a Hollywood star with a very determined "stage" mother. For a brief moment in time we were able to see the glamour and talent of this very charming pair.


kimimb said...

These two take me back to a simpler time..what was i doing on friday night? who was i going out with on friday nite? What was the next 45 i would buy with babysitting money! To have these simple questions be all that consumed me mon.-fri.!They showed us on the silver screen what young love should be about. playfull teasing,with the slightly charged sexual chemistry under it all..would i get a kiss? Or would i allow a french kiss?
Now faced with the worries of the adult life..how i would gladly go back to that simpler,playfull life! So thank-you for letting me go back to the days long gone by.

Retro Kimmer said...

Yes it was a simpler time indeed. Thank you for the lovely comment.

analog60s70s said...

I am awesome. this is such a sweet song. "Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee"

Unknown said...

Watching the video and the slide show brought tears to my eyes. From the age of 9 or so I wanted to be Sandra Dee. She was just darling and looked nothing like me. But, oh a lil' girl could dream. I recently aired "Gidget" for my age 11 granddaughter to show her what Gramma watched when she was young. To my amazement, she too fell in love with Sandra Dee. I was an Elvis fan like every girl in America, but I can honestly say watching Bobby on the Ed Sullivan show singing "Dream
Lover" was when I really knew I was all girl. Their marriage may have been shortlived, but in my heart and soul it will always be Bobby and Sandy. Thanks for the viceo.

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