The Ronettes with Spector

Rock music producer Phil Spector was convicted Monday of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Lana Clarkson at his mansion six years ago, a verdict that will send him to prison for at least 18 years barring a successful appeal.

A Superior Court jury returned the verdict after about 30 hours of deliberations. The jury had the option of choosing the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter, but did not do so.

As Phil awaits sentencing for murder I 'd like to remember the best thing that ever happened to Phil:

He went seriously downhill after the divorce and his mania went uncontrolled for decades. He was a mentally deranged guy with way too much money. Bye Bye Phil...

Phil Spector invented the 'Wall of Sound', a system to overdub scores of musicians to create a roar of sound, which changed music history.

See the Phil Spector Jukebox HERE

Born in the Bronx, Spector moved, with his mother, to LA after his father committed suicide. In school, Spector learned the guitar, and started to write songs with Marshall Leib and Annette Bard. They called themselves 'The Teddy Bears', and had a top ten hit in the US and UK with 'To Know Him Is To Love Him'(I hate that song ), the title taken from the inscription on Spector’s father's grave. They seemed destined for fame, then Spector disagreed with the record company, and the band disintegrated.

In the early 60's Spector began producing "girl groups". His most famous girl group was the Ronettes. Phil married lead singer Ronnie see her website HERERonnie was the ultimate 1960's rock n roll diva... wasn't she just marvelous?

Ronnie was married to Phil for 4 years he ended up ripping off ALL the royalties to HER band. Jerk! Well he is finally getting his pay back for all the rotten karma he has put out there.

The Ronettes were also professional singers and dancers at New York's Peppermint Lounge. There they were discovered by legendary disc jockey "Murray the K" (Murray Kaufman), who promptly hired them as dancers for his Brooklyn Fox Theater rock and roll revues.

Beginning in 1963, Ronnie Spector-as lead singer of the ultimate girl group, The Ronettes-recorded a long string of classic pop hits produced by Spector: like the Grammy Award-winning “Walking in the Rain,”, “Do I Love You,” “Baby I Love You,” “The Best Part of Breaking Up,” “I Can Hear Music,” and the international Number One smash “Be My Baby.” These records are among the best-loved and most-emulated recordings in the history of rock and roll.

The Fantastic Ronettes!


carlo said...

Greedy record producer woman abuser lunatic, watch him escape and run off to France to live with Roman Polanski

Retro Kimmer said...

Yeah it's real hard to feel sorry for the little jerk

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