"Runaway" Del Shannon's number one hit was another theme song of the 60's.

It was a great mix of country with blues that formed rock n roll in the very beginning. Del had other hits during the 60's but none so historically memorable as Runaway. Here is the backstory:

Del was originally from Grand Rapids Michigan and after he finished a stint in the Army he began recording in Battle Creek Michigan. About 80 miles from where I live. Del used to sit in with different bands around Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor through out the 70's and in about 1973 I did see him play Runaway at a hole in the wall bar called "The Underground" which aptly named because the bar was built under ground. He was phenomenal then and what a thrill to dance to Del playing. After he played he talked to all of dippy teenaged girls and was so sweet. Why I didn't get an autograph I'll never know. I guess because we wanted to look "cooler" than to ask for it.

Del suffered from depression like a lot of us have struggled through. Shortly after he began treatment with the new drug Prozac he shot himself with a 22 caliber rifle. He was just married for 2 years and his death really shocked his new wife. She speculated that Del suffered trying to keep his personal life and celebrity life separated. Read the full tragic story on Findadeath.Com Watch the news story from Entertainment Tonight Official Del Shannon website HERE Here is the original video of Runaway:

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