Deniz Tek and Scott Morgan of Powertrane with John Varvatos

John Varvatos is psyched to announce the launch of "JV's Funhouse," a music centric blog highlighting the designers trips to concerts, festivals, parties and backstage jam sessions around the world.

John Varvatos grew up in Detroit and at an early age was exposed to defining musicians including The Who, Led Zeppelin, Detroit's own MC5, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, and The Stooges. The creative spirit and personal style of these rock 'n' roll icons inspired John and has been a constant source of influence on the evolution of his eclectic sensibility.

"Music is one of my great passions and I really wanted to share my experiences with other music lovers out there. 'JV's Funhouse' grew out of this idea and I'm psyched to be able to share my videos, photos and stories from some of today's great, and up-and-coming, rock and rollers," said John Varvatos.

From the most recent surprise gig by Guns N' Roses to kick off NYC Fashion Week, to backstage jam sessions in the trailer with Perry Ferrell and Eddie Vedder at South by Southwest, to Lenny Kravitz playing live at the Fillmore – be sure to check out "JV's Funhouse" for John's personal whirlwind tour through today's latest and greatest in the rock music scene.

In addition, John's blog will feature posts from his monthly show on SIRIUS XM's Faction channel entitled Born In Detroit.


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