The Motor City Rah Rahs at Alvins on Cass photo: Retrokimmer

The first time we saw the Motor City Rah Rah's in action was this past summer when I went to the Russell St People's Art Fest to film interviews. They were dancing and cheering behind my good buddies Circus Boy. Hard to keep up with MJTone and his stage persona!

Who can watch the band with those fun girls and those glittery pom poms?? BTW KIMMER WANTS HER OWN POM POM!! I will practice the Rah Rah dancing routine in my room! I did get to hold on to the Poms while the girls were taking a breather! No I wasn't tempted to jump up on stage and do the rah rah thing! LOL

We fast forward to Detroit on December 26 when we went to see the Helldrivers/Torpedos/Circus Boy show at Alvins on Cass. With me were my very special friends Trudie Duart and my best bud from Florida Rockin Robin. We had such a blast, Met Tiger baseball legend Kirk Gibson and totally enjoyed the show!

Most exciting moment was when Trudie and I approached guitar legend Jimmy McCarty to autograph our Helldriver cds. He turned around and hugged me and insisted on opening the cds for us so the cover wouldn't tear! So sweet! Thanks so much JIM!

We were thrilled to see our friends Jim Edwards, MikeJT, Skid, Greasy, BEE, and meet Mitchel Angelos (Torpedos) and see him perform for the first time. He was such fun to see and film! All in all it was the best Christmas gift for me to spend time with everyone that night!

The Howling Diablos invited Kimmer to film at the Radisson in Livonia. Nice club but really hard to film with the black fence around the stage and poor lighting. We muddled throught the best we could. With me came special guests Ivan Kral, Cindy Hudson and Mark Sisto lead singer from the Visitors

We were busy running around a filming, shooting stills and then after a couple of songs into the sets who should suddenly appear? Susie Forkin and Vivian George of the Rah Rahs! YES!

Now things got lively! They really sparkle up whatever show that features their unique and lively dancing! Really... they make a huge difference in the performance of the bands. They are such fun and the audience and bands alike are sparked to life by their dancing. I had a really hard time trying not to dance along and shake my cameras! Sorry for the shaking.... couldn't help myself!

Vivian George, Mark Sisto and Susie Forkin at The Radisson

I was running around the club going between shooting stills and switching to video, not an easy task! Luckily I had fabulous technical support and assistance from Ivan ! Imagine that famous filmmaker Ivan Kral helping me shoot and fixing my camera too! Some people are just that lucky! Thank you Ivan !!!


Unknown said...

You get around in a good way Kimmer! If anything. is going on you'll find it! Pom Pom Rah Rah!!!!

THE RAH RAHS! said...

"Thanks Kim...hope we see you soon!!!!"

Julie Krotak-Hecker said...

Thanks Kim!!! This is totally awesome!

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