It was a fun night when 2 kids I used to babysit Alice and Tom Gannon Carol's kids wrangled me into going with them to a "punk" rock show at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. I was in my early twenties and they were teens.

When we arrived I saw tons of kids with multi colored mohawks and safety pins sticking out of the faces and ears. I felt a hundred years old... I could have just stayed in the lobby to people watch these kids.

Went into to the show and XTC wasn't very memorable but the POLICE certainly were! I thought hey wait a minute these guys aren't PUNK they are REGGAE! I loved every song they played.

I bought their album in the lobby the one with Roxanne. From that point on I was a huge Police fan. I did think that Sting didn't need that band at the time but now I listen to the old songs and there is a certain tone to the old Police that Sting does need.

After that show I went to see them,4 more times in three different states. Saw them in Cincinnati, Freedom Hall in Kentucky, Cobo Arena and I saw them in Atlanta. Their music still stands and has never gone out of style....



"excellent. I used to have a stack of "Support the Police" sticks. they'd paid some dudes to put them on car bumpers, and some irate guy scared them off. so they left them. gone over time unfortunately.
Madame Wong's is where they played. they were great. It was an epic young person's night. I met a new girl, we had late dinner there in Chinatown, and we're still friends years later."

susie forkin said...

"I love checkin' out your Retro Kimmer stuff!!!"

AL KING said...

Stewert Copeland is one of the best drummers of our time ask MGT ask Rob ask Bee all of whom are great drummers but they all know stewart has a little bit uf an upperhand on them.

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