MC5 - Purity Accuracy Box
from Easy Action Records

Dear Carlton sent Kimmer the MC5 box set and single cd for Christmas and I don't want to unwrap it as it will grow in value in mint condition one day.

It has so many of the live recording that the 5 are famous for and a lot of new DKT/MC5 recordings as well. It belongs in every MC5 fan's collection. As the official blogger ofr Dennis Thompson and friend of Wayne and Michael I can tell you the new music is almost better than the originals. You can get your UK copy from Carlton HERE

My amazon link is here:

From Carlton's Website with playlist

• Purity Accuracy is the first “Band Authorized” project since 1971

• Across the six discs the boxed set contains a wealth of previously unreleased material

• The booklet contains many previously unpublished photos supplied by the band

• Includes two replica archive MC5 Stickers

• The box includes band performing new live versions of classic songs with Lemmy from Motorhead, Nicke from the Hellacopters and Dave Vanian from the Damned on vocals

• The liner notes in the booklet are written by celebrated “Rock Author” Nina Antonia feature current interviews with all of the surviving members of the band.

• The MC5 (DKT) have completed many successful World Tours since 2004 culminating in a mindblowing show with Primal Scream at the Royal Festival Hall where both bands played sets and then joined together for at least half an hour including a staggering version of black to comm. This was all filmed !!

• An MC5 DVD was released through BMG to coincide with the tour and received positive critical acclaim

• The boxed set contains scarce recordings from the fledgling band in 1965 to blistering live performances in 1970 and recordings as recent as 2004!!!

MC5 - Purity Accuracy Box

Rehearsals (74 mins)

1. Skunk
2. Poison
3. Gotta keep movin
4. Baby wont ya
(Fred Smith guide vocals), 1970, Unreleased version
5. Sister Ann
6. Future now
7. Over & over
( Fred Acoustic inst 1970)
8. Train Music
(summer 71, London, Unreleased track and special edit, Intended for use in the film 'Gold', Kramer bass+piano)
9. The Pledge song
(early version of Sister Anne no vox. Head Sounds Ypsilanti oct/nov 70- )
10. Power trip
(early version of Skunk no vox. Head Sounds Ypsilanti oct/nov 70)
11. Tutti-Frutti
12. Tonight
13. Teenage lust inst
14. Looking at you 2nd Version
15. High school inst
16. Call me animal inst
17. The American ruse
18. Shaking street
(Acoustic version summer ’69 with Fred on Vocals)
19. Human being lanwmower
20. Back in the usa
21. Looking at you inst
22. What is Zenta?
23. Kick out the jams

1965-68 (71 mins)

24. Looking at you (United Sound Studios January 1968)
25. Borderline (United Sound Studios January 1968)
26. Looking at you Instrumental (United Sound Studios January 1968)
27. I can only give you everything (United Sound Studios January 1966)
28. I just don’t know (United Sound Studios January 1966)
29. One of the guys (Terra Sherma Studios Detroit 1966)
30. Little red riding grmph ( Basement rehearsal mrs Kramers)
31. I don’t mind ( Basement rehearsal mrs Kramers)
32. Look what you’ve done done ( Basement rehearsal mrs Kramers)
33. Baby please don’t go ( Basement rehearsal mrs Kramers)
34. Break time (recorded at a polish wedding)
35. I’m a man (Artists workshop)
36. Looking at you ( Cody High School)
37. Black to Comm ( Cody High School)
38. I put a spell on you (live at ‘Dialogue ‘68’ First Unitarian Church Detroit Sept 7th 1968)
39. Born under a bad sign (live at ‘Dialogue ‘68’ First Unitarian Church Detroit Sept 7th 1968)
40. I want you right now (live at ‘Dialogue ‘68’ First Unitarian Church Detroit Sept 8th 1968)
41. I believe to my soul (Sunday sept 8th 1968 live First Unitarian Church Detroit )

Live at the Saginaw Civic Centre 1st jan 1970 (50 mins)

42. Intro Rambling Rose
43. Human being Lawnmower
44. Tonight
45. Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama lama fa fa fa)
46. It’s a man’s world
47. Teenage lust
48. Looking at you
49. Fire of love
50. Shakin street
51. Starship/Kick out the jams/Black to comm /Teenage lust

Live at The Grande Ballroom 1968 (64 mins)

52. Brother J.C intro (27th Oct 1968)
53. Motor city is burning (30/31Oct 1968)
54. I believe to my soul (30/31Oct 1968)
55. Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama la fa fa fa) (31st Oct 1968)
56. I’m mad like Eldridge Cleaver (27th Oct 1968)
57. Ice pick Slim (26th May 1968)
58. Black to comm (unknown recording date)

Live in Michigan (27/05/1968) at the Sturgis Armory on a 7” tape direct from the soundboard (72 min)

59. Kick out the Jams
60. Come together
61. Revolutionary blues
62. Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama lama fa fa fa)
63. James Brown Medley:- Cold Sweat, I can’t stand myself, There was a time
64. Upper Egypt
65. Tutti Frutti
66. Borderline
67. Born under a bad sign
68. I want you
69. Starship
70. Black to Comm


Scott Morgan

Last week I stopped over to see if I could help Scott fix his computer issues and he gave me the Easy Action (owned by Carlton my email buddy in the UK) box set of Sonic's Rendezvous Band. I have been playing it over and over ever since and it totally kicks! I saw the band live once at the Second Chance bar in Ann Arbor long ago. This set is available for sale in my Amazon store and I highly recommend this huge collector's item. Scott autographed my favorite insert photo as I have an actual recent photo of the very same shirt. Fred Sonic Smith created the band after the MC5 broke up and this band should have been huge but things happen don't they in the history of rock n roll

My USA Amazon store link

From Carlton's website

A lavish 6 Disc box set by one of the most legendary (almost) super groups of the seventies, featuring Scott Morgan (Rationals) Fred ‘ Sonic ‘ Smith (MC5) Scott ‘Rock Action’ Asheton (Stooges) Gary Rasmussen (The Up).

• The only product the band ever released was a 7” Single of “City Slang” ( which was on both sides mono & stereo). The original of which commands ridiculous prices in the collectors field.

• The band themselves have all contributed as well as the estate of Fred Smith.
• Contains interviews with existing band members, unseen photographs from Bob Matheu (Creem), Sue Rynski and various shots from the private collection of the band themselves.

• Due to the lack of material available to date, demand for this box set on the Easy Action web site has been unprecedented.

• Design of this set is being handled by ex Rhino art director and Grammy award winner Rachel Gutek


Michael Rhys said...

"Id love to get my mitts on any one of these sets. Made for hours of listening heaven"

Skip Gildersleeve said...

"Open it! Listen to it. It's to be listened to not a museum piece."

Irvine Hunter said...

hi kimmer,ive seen 2 different copies of the vinyl promo mono version of high times.of course they were made for am radio.one copy was beat,the other almost mint.i will take a look at it again.

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