Last weekend Scott and I went out to Street Records in Oak Park to sign autographs for National Record Day. While we were there Scott's manager Willy came in and gave Scott a copy of his self titled new album/cd Scott Morgan.

Scott was excited to finally hear the finished cd. We popped it into my Jeep cd player and we listened to it on the ride home. Scott was pleased with the results of the recording and I really liked it too. My favorite song on the cd is Lucy May. Scott told me the story behind the song. Lucy May died at 18 and was his grandmother's sister. Interesting story of a young girl that passed on so young. My second favorite is the Nina Simone song Do I Move You.

These 2 songs are really different and take Scott's voice to different levels than I am used to hearing. I just loved the whole cd. It will be officially released May 18.

Bill Holdhip of the Metrotimes wrote a really nice review of Scott's new record and here is a bit of it:

Dee-troit Royalty Metro Times May 5,2010

By Bill Holdship

On his excellent new eponymous LP — his first solo album since 1990 — Scott Morgan returns R&B music to the garage, which may not be the only place it belongs when played by white dudes, but certainly provides a nice, safe haven for the musical form when delivered properly. Of course, this is nothing new for Morgan, who's been doing the same thing with that type of music since the mid-'60s when, as the leader of the Rationals, he scored a major regional hit by garage-ifying (and/or punk-ifying) Otis Redding's "Respect" long before Aretha recorded her now-legendary version. In other words, Morgan was a pioneer of the form, doing it before it was a conscious and deliberate career choice. (Later, with Sonic's Rendezvous Band, he'd achieve the same thing with various cover versions. Who, besides Hendrix, could've gotten away with covering Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone," as that band frequently did onstage?)

Read Bill's full review HERE



The back story of the recording:

ok here we go.

We started out with photos by Doug Coombe and ended up with 3 great sessions. I had put together some lyrics to bring to the table. I had also sent dozens of covers for the band to check out. We ended up with about 13 covers and originals.

First off was (Chris Taylor) Box's suggestion of the Four Tops Something About You. next up was my song about my mom which I ended up breaking down and choking up on. Apparently Alive Records liked it so much they decided to feature it as a single.

Next was 8th day's She's Not Just Another Woman which was a studio recording without a band from Motown. Summer Nights was originally called Peach Fuzz and we put that together in the studio and recorded it right off. Since I Lost My Baby was a Temptations' song which Fred Smith had suggested at the end of the Sonic's Rendezvous period.

I lost my voice and had to come back the next day. It ended up sounding more like Al Green.

Lucy May was my grandmother's sister who died more than a hundred years ago at the age of 18. Mississippi Delta is a Bobbie Gentry cover that we did once or twice with srb. Nick Royale and I had recorded Tony Joe White's Widow Wemberly at his urging so we were kind of following the pattern on this one.

Do I Move You is from Nina Simone Sings the Blues. She had studied as a classical pianist and they told her she would never make because she was African American. thank god.

Memphis Time was just some words i had scratched out and the band made it into a whole song.

Bring it on Home was supposed to be the live at the Harlem Square version by Sam Cooke and King Curtis.N ick and I had thought about doing this in Stockholm but this was our first go at it. Eddie Baranek and I got the vocal chores and he played guitar as well. The you send me intro got cut off and ended up not being used.

Highway was another song i had a rough idea for and the band finished it off and we were still jotting down lyrics when the recording began. reminds me of seeing Fred Smith with a box of little scraps of paper when we did City Slang.

Soothe Me didn't make the cut and the wind by Nolan Strong is still in the can but may make it to release later. well that's about it. it's a good thing I'm so long winded.... Scott


Dave said...

CJAM the radio station i'm at recieved Scott's new CD. I played the second track off of it this week, it was good.

Mohair Sweets said...

Very true about Scott's new disc. Vocally and production wise there are some new/old style things that really make it special.

Dennis Machine Gun Thompson said...

I really like it especially the Nina Simone song

Retro Kimmer said...

Love the whole record but my fav is Lucy May about Scott's Great Aunt who died at 18 over 100 years ago

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