Gene Krupa and Johnny Bee

Johnny Bee emailed me tonight and I am always happy to hear from the BEE.... Bee turned me on to Sean Forbes a young rapper of unusual talent from Detroit.

From BEE:

Hi Kimmer, thanks for helping out. A lot of people are checking out your blogs. Sean Forbes has a new C.D. coming out on the label that launched Eminen.

CNN International just interviewed Sean and that will be shown all over the world. His site is "Deafandloud.com" Drew and Mike are interviewing Sean and he talks about me giving him drum lessons. This kid's gonna be smoking. I appreciate it. Thanks, Bee

D-PAN's Sean Forbes on CNN from D-PAN Productions on Vimeo.

From Sean's Dad...

Kim, thanks for the awesome exposure for Sean on your web site.

If you go on you tube and enter Sean Forbes,and scroll down,there is a piece from last week on tv with the Bass Brothers and Sean which was originated in Detroit and is being shown across the U.S. It talks about his signing a contract with the Bass Brothers. And Fox did a great job with it.

Thanks, and I'm glad Johnny send you this..............Scott Forbes (Seans Dad)

Here is the video Scott and we are happy to help your very talented and star powered son!


Johnny Bee said...

Thanks Kim, your the best. Tino wrote a song with Sean that'll be on this C.D. also. Bring Dennis out tomorrow night for alittle "Go Gene Go" with The Howling Diablo's at Alvin's with opening act Horse Cave Trio. It's time for him to get off the couch and put some stick's in his hand's. He knows he's always welcome and so are you. Thanks again. Much love, Bee

esther woodward said...

has anyone told you how awesome you are today!!!!!! well I'm saying it!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for always getting back to me. I'm looking forward to the next time we meet and dig some tunes........esther

Scott Forbes said...

Sean and I love your site......................Scott Forbes

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