Hart Plaza on the Riverfront in Detroit, Michigan

On a warm summer night in the late 1970's I went on an unlikely "date" with a guy named Tom Ford. This guy had dated or tried to date a lot of my friends without much success. He was a handsome somewhat charming guy but things just never seemed to work out for his dates with my pals. (or me either LOL)

One night at a local Ypsilanti club he invited me to go with him to Hart Plaza for the Huge Motown Revue! My favorites were all on the line up. From what I can remember... The Four Tops, Mary Wells (Headliner).

The current version of the Temptations, The Contours, Stevie Wonder, The Velvelettes, Martha Reeves and the Marvelettes, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles were all playing and for FREE! The only star missing was Marvin Gaye. No way was I missing this historic, once in a lifetime show! Now 35 years later I am so glad I was brave enough to tell that guy to take a hike while I stayed and partied!

Queen of Motown Mary Wells

Mary Wells rarely played live anywhere and I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance to see her live. Sadly she passed on a few years later. RIP

My "date" and I sat in the cafe and listened to the little known opening bands. Just as it started to get dark and the big bands started to play we moved to the upper deck and I joined a large group of older ladies dancing to the great music. I was having the time of my young life! Just then, in the middle of the Contours singing "Do You Love Me?" My "date tells me he is leaving! If I wanted a ride back to Ypsilanti I would have to leave Stevie, The Tempts, The Four Tops, and the whole Motown Roster! No Frickin Way!!!

My charming date left me in downtown Detroit and I was thrilled he was gone! What a total drag he was. No wonder all my friends dropped him after a few dates. So here I was on the right upper deck at Hart Plaza (see arrow) dancing and singing my lungs out to all my favorite Motown classics.

The group of women I was hanging out with bought my drinks and fed me food out of their coolers. They were the most charming hostesses of all time! We had such FUN! think this was the most fun concert I ever attended bar none.

The Four Tops

Stevie closed the show with fingertips and I wondered out loud to my group, "How am I going to get back to Ypsilanti?" These lovely girls took up a collection then they walked with me up to Jefferson Ave. There was a taxi parked right out front of Hart Plaza. 

The girls paid the driver and I rode back to Ypsi chattering away at the driver about great the show was. The driver asked how I ended up alone at the show. He asked if my car broke down. I told him the trith, nope the jerk that brought me here left before I could hear Mary Wells sing and there was NO WAY I was leaving until then! 

The driver and I laughed at that jerk of a date and I smiled all the way home, westbound on I94 to Ypsilanti. 



Tom Wall said...

Great story, Kim! I sure wouldn't have dumped you, anyway. And Mary Wells is a Goddess in my book - didn't she sing "Message to Michael"?.

Retro Kimmer said...

think that was Dionne Warwick Tom, thanks for not leaving me in Detroit!

Wendy Walters said...

"Great story. Wish I'd seen that show."

Rick Ruiner said...

I heard Long Gone John ended up with that Raw Power jacket--not sure if its true. Very cool stories on your blog!

Anonymous said...

OMG Kimmer, I think LuAnne's cousin was your date!

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