Johnny Thunders

Everyone at Easy Action is proud to announce we will be working alongside the Johnny Thunders Estate / Beta Petrol in producing a catalog of Johnny Thunders recordings on an exclusive imprint called Chatterbox. We have had great success with our relationship with the Stooges & Iggy Pop as well as producing high quality box sets and albums by The Sonic's Rendezvous (Love this one), Marc Bolan (Loved him) T.Rex, Steve Marriott and (KIMMER'S FAVORITE) the MC5. I really just discovered JT in recent years and dig his music totally and a lot of my friends have played with him over the years before his death.

Outside of Jungle Records, who have done a sterling job for thousands of Johnny Thunders fans - above and beyond the call of duty, and of course Warners ‘So Alone’ album, we will be looking at compiling a boxed set of unreleased material from 1975 onwards. We will also be re-issuing and re-mastering certain albums that have been out of print for some time. Reels of tape have been located already!

As fans, we want the profile of Johnny Thunders to return to the rock n roll music and fragile acoustic performances that he delivered.

We promise to produce highly packaged product and will liaise with fans to ensure we deliver exactly what they (and we)want on CD, LP, 7” and digitally.

Beta Petrol now have an archive of amazing photos, many unseen. With the official merchandise company “Don’t mess with us “ providing quality T shirts etc, we can at last
provide quality Johnny Thunders goods and hopefully bury all the cheap and vile product that has escaped over the years.

Carlton P Sandercock
Easy Action

Video from Rare Recordings

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MJG196 said...

Thanks, Kimmer! I cross-posted your blog entry on the forum!

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