Circus Boy

We had the BEST time at Rock Stock n Barrel at my old UAW local 735 on Michigan Ave near Hydramatic in Willow Run. I heard that this was a goodbye party as the hall is closing. not sure if that is fact or rumor.

Circus Boy my good buddies (and first band I went out to meet last summer) were playing close to my home so I wasn't about to miss them! Mike JTone, such a sweetie off stage and wild man onstage didn't disappoint! I brought along my daughter Lesley and CTN super camera man Jonas Sliuzas. My ever present friend, bodyguard, driver, the Rock n Roll Reverend, and Legendary Emcee Stanley T. Madhatter joined Kimmer.

Kimmer and The Hatter (Richard Blondy photo)

Just love hanging with the Hatter. The fans love him and he always draws a crowd around to listen to him tell stories and see his buttons and posters... What a charmer! Thank you Stanley so much for everything xxoo K

The Rah Rahs finally brought me my very own pom pom! YAY I just had to have it know what I mean?? Here it is with me and Mike McPheaters

Circus Boy and the Ruiners will be playing with one of my all time favorite retro rockers Question Mark and the Mysterians this week at Alvins on Cass. See more on the Circus Boy FB page HERE

My favorite photo.... Kimmer and Rick

The phenomenal Meridith Lorde great lead singer of Glamour Puss and girlfriend of Derek. She what I mean I was scared.... She is 5'12 barefooted check out her ruby slipper below!

Love Meridith's shoes... it's all about the shoes you know'!

I met the Ruiners at Paychecks and they were so much fun to watch! Cute guy and cute girl something for everyone! They rock and I love this band. I would love to see 4 sets and I aqnd going to be the first to buy their new record when it gets released soon I hope. Legend Hiawatha Bailey meets my daughter Lesley Bad ass bass man Skid Marx with Derek, what a great shot.

Stay tuned as I am doing a big piece on the Skid man soon and including his many bands with great photos from Sue Rynski. My daughter with my favorite punky cheerleaders...they make every show so much more fun to watch! They color the place with fishnets and sparkles! The high energy and laughing girls always make the night fun for me. Thank you Rahs!!


My shy camera man was surrounded by beautiful women all night so we had to turn the camera on him didn't we! The Motor City Rah Rahs, Meridith Lorde and Carrie Marx Legendary Bass Man Skid Marx MONEY SHOT

Happy guy at Susie Forkin Jonas and Queen Bee


Anonymous said...

What a great way to remember a fabulous night..you have out did your self!!!!xoxo

mitch wilcher said...

You worked at the Willow Run Plant? My freind John Horste retired from there several years ago. As a matter of fact, that was my first "real job". I hired in there right out of high school in 70. Only worked there two weeks, and then hired in at the Saline Ford plant where I worked for 35 1/2 years! My late Grandmother worked at Willow Run when it was known as the "Bomber Plant" until she hired in at the Ypsi Ford plant as the dietician. Small world isn't it? Just thought I'd pop in and let ya know! Keep up the good work in the rock n' roll world, we need more people out there spreading the word!

susie forkin said...

"Great pix of a super fun night!!!"

The Ruiners said...

We all LOVE the video! Great Job!!!!!!
Love, The Ruiners

Jonas Sliuzas said...

this blog is awesome, rah-rah-licious (forgive me for learning inappropriate slang,lol)

Cheryl Sinclair said...

You had so much fun!

Retro Kimmer said...

Jonas is brilliant! just wait till you see the Retrokimmer tv show!

Jonas Sliuzas said...

"Awesome, Kim!!!"

Amy Gore said...


Andi Rah Rah said...

What a blast! Nice Job Kim!!

Andrea Edwards said...

You are the best Kim!! Love it!! :)

Bart Saric said...

Circus boy has their own cheerleaders in the band...that's SICK !

The Ruiners set looks fun : )
They have a nice interaction with each other on stage.
Good work on the coverage !!!

ROck N Roll, Kim


Rick Ruiner said...

What a blast! Thanks again for everything! xo
love ya Kim!

Bernardo said...

Out of words Kim !!!!!!!!
Yo live in Detroit ?
Best wishes
Bernardo aka Cucho

jennifer 735 said...

I can't believe I didn't see you there. I left shortly after the band started playing and went outside for a short time. Yes the Local 735
is shutting down. The plant will be closing on Dec 23rd. You know that I retired from there.

Cindy Greer said...

"Wish I would have ventured out...Alvin's should be a blast too...several of my Ann Arbor friends were in Canton though...shoot..."

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