I loved listening to this new band duo Richey and Jennie Vicious of The Vicious Guns. Obviously I love the black and white "Retro" look to their images and their music is so unique. Not being a music reviewer and just your average music lover, I found their music fun melodic and edgy at the same time. Check them out and see what you think. Their new album is available on July 13. For now you can hear them play on their website link listed below.

The Vicious Guns will be in Detroit June 22 at PJ's Lager House. The Lager House is Located at 1254 Michigan Avenue, three blocks East of old Tiger Stadium and two blocks West of The MGM Grand. 313-961-4668 info@pjslagerhouse.com

Tour Info HERE

What I particularly like is that their lyrics are meaningful, clear and they are both great singers!

The Vicious Guns are an electronic rock n’ roll duo who hail from Canada. With Jennie Vicious on vocals and bass and Richey Vicious on vocals and guitar, their music is characterized by lead female vocals, male harmonies, and a juxtaposition of impeccably clean/overdriven guitar tones against a backdrop of synthetic drums and samples.

According to Jennie, “Music is our passion, therapy, obsession, and love." Something their new album Killing Is Easy, which comes out July 13th can attest to. Influenced by a mutual love for political punk, glam, brit pop, and new wave... Jennie and Richey are open to letting their fans categorizes their sounds as they will. “I hear so many dimensions in my own songs from pop to punk to dance. Vocal phrasing or guitar tone may even be influenced by R&B or funk, but that doesn't permeate the entire collection of songs.”

Download their new song “New ChainHERE

The Vicious Guns Website HERE
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