OMG I love Madmen the tv show which premiers it's 4th season this Sunday (can't wait!) now has been created as Barbies and Kens from Mattel see their really fantastic video HERE You can buy the dolls HERE I am sure these dolls will go fast and be highly collectibles if mint in box.

I love the Joan doll the most but Betty is really great too.

Here is the new trailer for Madmen 4 for us "Maddicts"

About the Show

Set in 1960s New York, the sexy, stylized and provocative AMC drama Mad Men follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Madison Avenue advertising, an ego-driven world where key players make an art of the sell.

AMC’s Mad Men, winner of three consecutive Golden Globes and back-to-back Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series, returns for a new season rife with possibilities. Last season stunned audiences with its cliffhanger finale, as Don Draper’s professional and personal lives unexpectedly imploded. This year, Jon Hamm and the rest of the breakout ensemble continue to captivate us as they grapple with an uncertain new reality. Welcome to a Mad New World.

Created by Emmy and Golden Globe winning executive producer Matthew Weiner, Mad Men Season 4 is anchored by an award-winning ensemble cast, including Golden Globe winner Jon Hamm, January Jones, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, Jared Harris, Rich Sommer, Aaron Staton, Robert Morse and Kiernan Shipka.

The Premise: The series revolves around the conflicted world of Don Draper (Hamm), the biggest ad man (and ladies man) in the business, and his colleagues at the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Advertising Agency. As Don makes the plays in the boardroom and the bedroom, he struggles to stay a step ahead of the rapidly changing times and the young executives nipping at his heels. The series also depicts authentically the roles of men and women in this era while exploring the true human nature beneath the guise of 1960s traditional family values.

Check out the new series video featurettes HERE that will get you up to speed on all the lies, scandal and intrigue behind the show.


Geri Rubello Gillespie said...

i love this show. Can you beleive how everyone used to get so screwed up at the office desk!!! Martinis for breakfast, yummy sounds so appetizing!! YUCKY

Ted Copeland said...

Too cute! Did you see the episode where Joan was playing the accordion and singing in French? adorable!

Retro Kimmer said...

no I missed that somehow....

Cathy Przybylski Stoner said...

"Meijers used to have a great locked showcase of the special Barbies. I'm not sure if they still do that."

Retro Kimmer said...

I think they do but I belong to the Official Barbie Club so they email the newest dolls

Cathy Przybylski Stoner said...

"I have the complete 5 piece set of Bob Mackie's Jewel Essence with "sketches". NRB"

Retro Kimmer said...

oooh I want photos!!!

Cathy Przybylski Stoner said...

"I'll dig them out one of these days."

Ted Copeland said...

Kimmer, they've pulled the clip off youtube due to copyright. But
here's the next best thing :)

Mad Men--Joan Holloway--Fever

"Joan: What on God's green earth are you doing here? Jane: Has Mr.
Sterling talked to you? Joan: No. What could he possibly have to do
with this?" "Joan: This is why I have specifically forbidden crying
in the breakroom. You do that somewhere else, like your apartment."

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