Steve and Art Godoy!

I am so excited to go see Art Godoy play bass guitar with The Vibrators show this Tuesday night at the Corktown Tavern! Oddly enough, I had never been to the Corktown until Steve Godoy came out last spring with the Bermondsey Joyriders.

Stanley T. Madhatter and I only had 2 days notice before the show, so I didn't have enough time to promote the show. We went out and had a blast at the wild club and then took the band on an early morning tour of Detroit landmarks.

Steve in action!

Steve called me while he and Art were riding in the car to Pomona to let me know that Art was coming to Detroit! When I saw Steve drumming I almost fainted! No joke! I made sure I got the sticks autographed that he used! Any hoo, turns out that Art and The Vibrators are going to be at CORKTOWN so 2 times in my life I will be at Corktown to see one of the Godoys play! Too bad for me though that I can't run off with an autographed guitar!!! Dammit!

My Steve Godoy sticks

Art and Steve are legendary Pro skateboarders see Bart Saric's video

OMG aren't they hunky??? All my girlfriends are fans! LOL One of my anti-tattoo friends watched this video and forgot all about their tattoos hee hee hee. She's a Godoy fan now! When I saw Steve play he had a shirt on then in a blink it was gone.....Snap!

I asked a friend who has seen them both play, what was Art's playing like? He told me that Art plays guitar just like Steve drums! OMG. You can't miss this show folks! I am going to be right in front and now I know what to shoot and where to stand. If I don't faint flat out!

While chatting on the phone I was telling the guys all the fun stuff we could take the band to see around DEEtroit and Steve (not one to be left out!) Decided to hop a plane and come out too!! So this time I will get photos of RK and both Twins!! I can't wait these guys are so much fun, talented and hunky to boot! Who knows... maybe Steve will sit in on a song or two? We can only hope for that!

The Vibrators are a fantastic band and we are dying to meet them and listen to their fantastic show! All my friends are coming out! The Motor City Rah Rahs with their gang and pom poms will be there, so I am hoping to see my readers there too!

Tuesday September 28 The Corktown Tavern On Michigan Ave right by the old Tiger Stadium!

The Corktown Tavern Directions

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Bart Saric said...

Super cool !
Thanks for the plug.

Tell those twins I send me best : )


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