Today was an exciting one for me as I met Patti Quatro! First online and then by phone as she in way down south in Texas! Patti has some very exciting news for all of us Quatro fans here in Detroit and internationally as well. They played on the bill with all the best bands in retro history! The Quatro Sisters *Patti Quatro *Arlene Quatro *Suzi Quatro *Nancy Quatro

The Pleasure Seekers! photo Motorcity Music Archives

Bio from Wiki: The Pleasure Seekers founded by Patti, had their first record out in 1964, when Suzi Quatro and her sister Patti Quatro were 14 and 16 years old, respectively, on the Hideout label. Both sides of their first single – "Never Thought You'd Leave Me" flip side was "What a Way to Die" – have some prominence; the former is included on Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 6, while the latter was featured in the cult film Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls.

Both songs are included on the compilation album Friday at the Hideout, which offers a retrospective of Hideout Records, and charted regionally for the band. In 1967, they were the earliest all girl rock group to be signed to a major label, Mercury Records. They released a second single, "Light of Love" flip side "Good Kind of Hurt", with both singles charting. The group matured into a dynamic show band and, using Detroit as home base, toured the U.S.

Their show featured an entire Sgt. Pepper/Magical Mystery Tour revue, as well as a Motown revue, and everything in between, as well as featuring one of the earliest known psychedelic light shows for their act. A friend of the band invented the light box for the band.

Gaining momentum, in 1969, the band morphed into Cradle, changing direction musically in writing heavier original material, and touring through the U.S. Arlene was now manager, and sister Nancy had joined as vocalist, bass player and percussionist. Cradle was a 3 piece band and occasionally keyboards were added which Suzi and Nancy took turns.

The group toured vigorously, playing concerts and pop festivals throughout the U.S. with the legends of the day, ending with a tour of Viet Nam. In 1971, Suzi was signed by Mickie Most, leaving for England, and solo fame with her male group, as Suzi Quatro.

Patti continued on with sister Nancy in Cradle, then joined brother Mike's MQ Jam Band, co-producing and recording an album, Look Deeply Into the Mirror. Soon after, in 1974, she joined Fanny, recording Rock and Roll Survivors album, and releasing two singles, "I've Had It", and "Butter Boy", which reached #29 nationally.

Patti left Fanny in 1975, and continued on pursuing studio work on several albums, musical side projects through many years, and modeling. Patti at present runs Cradle Rocks Publishing with sister Nancy, and is involved in restoring the original, never released catalogue of The Pleasure Seekers and Cradle music. Suzi exploded in Europe first, then worldwide, enjoying an enormous and long lasting recording and concert career, selling over 55 million, and still active as a touring and recording artist. She also branched out as a TV actress, stage actress, radio D.J., and author. Nancy turned to music management, forming N. Glass Management, and managing Overscene. Arlene left the business, becoming involved in environment issues, after authoring a book on health.

The Quatro sisters have reunited for special TV and concert projects through the years, reminiscent of the early The Pleasure Seekers days. Newly remastered music from Cradle is NOW AVAILABLE HERE and The Pleasure Seekers is scheduled to be released any minute.

The Pleasure Seekers Discography: Singles: "What A Way To Die" / "Never Thought You'd Leave Me" (Hideout) 1966 "Light Of Love" / "Good Kind of Hurt" (Mercury) 1967 Album: "Best Of The Hideouts" (Hideout) 1966 Funny in the 80's I worked in this same arena every year in November. Even the Rolling Stones played the Cinti Gardens. Lucky for me they remodeled the yucky dressing room into a gorgeous apartment which I got to use right after Mick and the boys moved on!

Patti and Nancy performing at a Detroit Festival 1969

The Quatro sisters were innovators on top of rock and roll long before it was cool to have an all girl band. Not only a group composed of retro- fab gorgeous girls but dammit they could play and sing too! Like many future rock bands the Quatros were mesmerized by their first Beatles concert they saw. Patti told me that was the point when they decided they wanted to have their own band! Know one told them it was an all boys club.

They just simply took their stiletto heeled boots and kicked those damn doors down for the many girl bands to follow. We won't name names but I did hear an actress playing Joan Jett in the Runaways film talk about how totally cool Suzi Quatro looked....

Cradle's Teaser

CRADLE "THE HISTORY"....NOW AVAILABLE HERE Live the experience of the 60's and 70's....the Quatro sister's, earliest of the female rockers, rocked the exploding Detroit scene with their brand of sheer, raw, driving energy.

These young teenagers dared to go where women had not gone before, fighting for their right to rock in a male dominated world. The Quatro sisters started at local teen club the "Hideout". Soon, the band had a regional hit on their hands, playing pop festivals and concert halls...

The Quatros on Myspace
Cradle on Facebook
QuatroRock on Reverbnation
Cradle on CDBaby
Patti on Myspace


Connie Spencer Garmany said...

Kimmmmmm, couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I read your Quatro story. Do you have a magic wand? You are incredible at what you do, how you do it & the reason you do it....to make people feel good!
Thank you Kim!

Big Rich said...

I remember the Pleasure Seekers, great story!They wouldn't even let us in the Hideout in Harper Woods,
NO LEATHER policy in force. Doorman said "hide 'em in the bushes"...
we said "Right", and split. BR

CONNIE said...

holy cow Kim~
I am once again astonished by your talent & genious for recognizing & describing vintage, sentimental legacies of value & interest! Another treasure you have portrayed in a manner that demonstrates your ability to feature a story in your esteemed, masterful, skilled, refreshing manner!
I cherish your writings daily! Enjoyed the Quatro review immensely!
Warmly, Connie

Richard Brown said...

Hey Kim, I was at that Cincy Gardens Festival!! Got a few pics of the Quatros. My Dad once again was Regional Manager of MCA records in the Cincy area. I got to meet Mike Quatro at a pre-concert meeting and was allowed back stage!!! I'll post some pics of the Quatros on my facebook account. Thanks, Richard.

Retro Kimmer said...

WOW! That would be so great Richard! I wish I would have spent time seeing bands at the Gardens instead of working there!

Nancy Quatro Glass said...

You ROCK Kim. It's an excellent article and very appreciated. Hope to talk to you soon. And it's great to know people are still keeping this era of greatness alive.

Retro Kimmer said...

Happy to keep the BEST music alive!!!

Ti ringrazio! Miss Patti,Nancy,Suzi and Arlene! !

Geri Rubello Gillespie said...

"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks." - William Shakespeare
Thanks Kim, you're awesome!!!

Jules Savant said...

Well y'all made it so great! And Kimmer's article is wonderful! I must bookmark her fab page! That article really captured the W-O-R-K and innovation you Quatrette's put into the whole scene. Your contribution has been vastly underrated and overlooked outside of Dee-troit. That's a disgrace. When the world changes, folk will look back and say, "What were we thinking? To overlook this grandiosity of talent in one family? And in the times they lived? They achieved greatness!"

Retro Kimmer said...

thank you Jules! and thanks so much to Patti Quatro Ericson for working on this piece with me late into the night! xxoo to Miss Nancy

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