"Can't Get Used to Losing You" is such a great song... As a kid my Mom loved Andy Williams and his TV show. It was one TV show that I enjoyed watching although it wasn't rock n roll... I still love Andy's voice solo or with his brothers. Andy's Christmas specials were just the best... But this song is my favorite of Andy...

A couple of years ago the English Beat asked me to cover their show at The Magic Bag in Ferndale. Stanley T. Madhatter and I ran out to meet Dave Wakeling and see the show. When I got there I was told I couldn't film the band playing. So, as we approached the back door of the Bag, we ran right into Dave.

So I asked him to sit for a few short questions... Dave was fantastic and I was pretty much a video newbie... Watch the arm coming through the window handing Dave a cup of coffee... Yep it's the Madhatter!

One of the questions I did ask him though is how did the Beat decide to cover "Can't Get Used to Losing You". Dave told me he did it for his Dad. It is a fantastic cover!

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