Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy

The rumored affair between President John F. Kennedy and Judith Campbell-Exner was revealed to the press around 1975.

JFK, Judith Campbell & Sam Giancana story // Daily Mail, September, 20, 1976

It was possible that the Republicans released Judith's name and information to discredit the assassinated president.

According to legend Frank Sinatra introduced Judith to JFK and also to Chicago Mob Boss Sam Giancana.
Supposedly Judith carried messages back and forth between the President and the mob. The reputed connection between JFK's father Joseph Kennedy and Giancana left the President in a really tight spot.

Judith Campbell-Exner

J. Edgar Hoover had Judith tailed to obtain information with which to black mail the Kennedys. In 1977 Judith wrote her autobiography as her name was revealed to the press anyway. It was amazing how the American public had no idea about this affair for over a decade. Now days there is no keeping things under wraps... Everything is public...

Exner has been treated unfairly by history. She never sought to capitalize off the fact that she was JFK's mistress. She kept this hidden for years. Jackie knew about her, of course. Once, when Jackie found a woman's pink panties in her pillow case, she turned to JFK in bed and said, "Would you find out who these belong to, because they are not my size?"

Although JFK was assassinated in 1963, it was not until 1975 that the identity of Exner was revealed. This happened when the Church Committee investigated the link which Exner formed between JFK and Sinatra's friends, including Mafia don Sam Giancana. Author Sam Sloane


Michael McDaniel said...

Outstanding RK.....mesmerizing! I've read all about this and it still makes me sad that John Kennedy, taught by his father Joe, that doing these things was OK, was the quintessential tragic hero....

Retro Kimmer said...

great comment thanks MMC!

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