Loren Tony and Mary (ThE DoGs) photo Heather Harris


Originally arising out of the Detroit rock revolution that erupted with THE STOOGES and MC5, then migrating to LA in the late 70's, THE DOGS have influenced punk while treading right along with the scene. During the 70's they opened for punk and hard rock notables including MC5, TELEVISION, THE DICTATORS, KISS and AC/DC!

THE DOGS have continued to play shows throughout the decades, even releasing new material on the Dionysus label in 2003. Most recently the band has been celebrated with an international tribute album with bands culled by Detroit Jack.

Loren Molinare - Guitar, Vocals
Mary Kay- Bass, Vocals
Tony Matteucci - Drums

From Loren Molinare:

Hi Kim,

Thanks for thinking of me to pick some videos. This was fun . I will check in with you from the UK...

1. MC-5 Looking at You

Always loved this song from the Back in the USA LP and this performance backs up what I felt and heard back in 1970 and made me believe in the power in rock and roll from this earth-shattering band.

2. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles- You really got a hold on Me

This song holds a special place in my heart, one of the Motown classics, even though The Beatles version is really cool. The Miracles version reminds of my 7th grade crush on a girl named Diane who broke my heart.

3. The Kinks-Till the end of the Day!

Ah yes to be in 8th grade again and living in Michigan and looking out the window daydreaming about Ray Davies and the Kinks and wanting to go to the UK. The Kinks more than the Beatles made me want to pick up and guitar and rebel against my parents.

Ray Davies is one of the most profile and timeless writers from the mid 60’s British invasion.

Let it rock

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