Rob Tyner with Davison Police

Received a lovely email from Peter C (Cavanaugh) the legendary Disc Jockey from the famous AM Flint station WTAC and many other stations.

Peter C (Cavanaugh)

Hi, Kim!

Prompted by a note referencing your "Dogs" interview, I just visited the Retro:Kimmer website for the first time and was most impressed.

I worked with "The Dogs" many years ago at a venue I operated near Flint called Sherwood Forest.

Keep up the good work!

Rock & RULE!

Peter Cavanaugh

Had a chat with Peter C. yesterday. I love talking with DJ's on the phone. They sound the same on air or off! Boom this big voice comes flying at me over the phone line! Peter and I have so much in common. The main difference is that I am still learning about the history of my favorite Michigan Musicians.

Peter was there from the beginning and helped shape the scene that took over America's Radio airwaves beginning in the 1960's.

My first question was about Rob Tyner the lead singer of the MC5. Rob had a famous encounter with the Davison Michigan Police Chief. I had heard several versions but Peter C was there! So I LOVED hearing that story...

Peter is the REAL DEAL... read his book....you'll love it. xRK

Peter was kind enough to send me his book. I stayed up all night and read the entire book... I couldn't stop reading... THANK YOU PETE!

This book grabbed me from the first page...Peter C was really front and center for the Evolution of Rock n Roll. I am so grateful to be involved with keeping my favorite rock music alive and it was so exciting to speak with Peter about what really happened backstage back in the 1960s and forward.

It was really interesting to read Peter's story about the beginning of Mark Farner and Grand Funk Railroad. They were a local band in the Flint area and went from being just a local band to one of the biggest platinum recording bands of all time.

Peter has a great back story on the Stooges playing in Flint and of course Iggy and the Peanut Butter incident....

WTAC was the very first station to play The Who. Keith celebrated his 21st (20th) birthday in Flint and had some fun at the Holiday Inn...

Found this video!

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