Al King

Hey gang we had a blast today with our pal drummer Al King! Haven't seen Alex for a bit and we had a lot of news to catch up on etc. Al is one of my very favorite young drummers. Lots of my rock pals have all lined up as fans of Al's beats. I met Al after he wrote to ask me a question about Machinegun Thompson. This was early 2009.

After seeing Al's picture I realized he must be the son of an old friend of mine Jim King...from back in the day. Al's uncle is Drummer Rob King of Destroy All Monsters fame and also a really close friend of mine.

Al and I dropped Lesley off at work and then we ran all around the Dollar Store.. A favorite activity of mine! It was so good to connect and we are planning more sessions and gigs to cover together soon. xK

A few years ago I had the pleasure of filming a session in Ann Arbor with Mark Sisto (Visitors) Gary Quackenbush (SRC) Chris Taylor (Blue Snaggletooth) and Al on drums... I shot a few videos and after the session I asked Al to play the intro to an SRC tune...

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