Just in.... Hi Kim- The bass parts are done now , this week I will do the singing. Here is the press photo of me and Glen. Crankin' it up!!

Glen Matlock-Sex Pistols and Sonny Vincent- Testors recording in Belgium at Primitive Studios, January 2012. 24 track tape, no digital gear within 20 kilometers.

All Best from Sonny

Rat Scabies (The Damned) Sonny Vincent

****NEW UPDATE****

Hi Kim- How are you? I hope fine and well. I'm here in the studio doing it my way. Here is the latest news for you. Best from Sonny

Album News Flash- The songs, Wild and disturbed, grooving and angular with 2 ballads as well.
The line up-
Sonny Vincent -Testors
Rat Scabies- The Damned
Glen Matlock- Sex Pistols

Yesterday I got an email from Sonny Vincent who is recording in Belgium. It was great to hear what he is up to:

From Sonny....

Hey there! I first saw your website when I did that interview with Goran Polak. Thanks for all the cool stuff you post!

At the moment I am in Brussels, Belgium in a very cool all vintage analogue studio recording a new album. I just finished putting down the basic tracks with the amazing drummer Rat Scabies of the Damned.

We don't have a video (yet) but here is a cool vid from our last tour....

You are welcome SV and we can't wait to hear the new cd when it's finished! Keep us in the loop! xK

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