Robert Lee Balderrama
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Robert "Bobby" Balderrama, born in O'Donnell, Texas, grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, is the lead guitarist for the band Question Mark & the Mysterians. Bobby told me they all wrote their hit song 96 Tears. He later played with Joe King Carrasco, the Crowns on the Bandido Rock album of 1987, and now fronts his own Smooth Jazz Band Robert Lee Revue.

The Robert Lee Revue:

My favorite of The Robert Lee Revue
"Tropical Breeze" Free Download for 7 days

Robert Lee Balderrama-Guitar; Frank Rodriguez-Keyboard/P­iano; Robert Martinez-Drums; Tom Barsheff-Sax; Amy Lynn-Percussion; Nick Balderrama-Rhythm Guitar; Jack Nash-Bass; Rudolph Levario-Percussion.

Robert Lee with Ibanez Guitar

What a pleasure to chat with the amazing Bobby Balderrama the lead guitarist of Question Mark and the Mysterians and currently fronting his band the Robert Lee Revue!

It was so fabulous seeing Bobby play live 4 times in the past year and again on New Year's Eve. As the band was tuning up I shot over to Bobby and asked him to pose for a picture for me. He stopped everything and gave me such a nice shot. I just loved it...

Bobby and I talked at great length about music and we have a lot of guitar heroes in common. The first influence Bobby spoke of was our friend the legendary Detroit Wheels guitarist Jimmy McCarty..

We talked about how when McCarty plays he is lost in his music...Bobby plays the same way. He doesn't see the audience... the guitar becomes part of his body and he just plays......

Robert Lee Balderrama

The second guitarist we chatted about was Carlos Santana. Bobby said it was amazing to watch Santana evolve and invent his own guitar style with Latin influence and yet still really rocks out.

Bobby talks about Santana and Smooth Jazz...

As I do I asked about Bobby's guitars. He played a Mexican Fender Stratocaster on New Year's Eve. He explained to me that Fender makes American and Mexican guitars. Bobby said that his Mexican was less expensive but played just as well as an American Strat.

Bobby on far left with Question Mark and the Mysterians

I always ask lead guitar players who gave them their first guitar.. It seems like it was always their father... Bobby told me that his brother's wife was frustrated when her husband came home late and did an El Kabong on his head with his guitar...! Of course it broke. His brother then gave it to his Dad and then Dad gave it to Bobby! The rest is history...

In 1976 George Benson had the monster hit album Breezin. Bobby heard George play and it inspired Bobby to play smooth jazz. George Benson played with an Ibanez jazz guitar as does Bobby with the Robert Lee Revue.

You can listen to Robert Lee Revue's CD here

Bobby is sending me the Robert Lee Revue CD For the Love of Smooth Jazz and we can't wait to have it! Here is a review of the CD

You can find Bobby: :

Robert Lee Revue
Robert Lee Revue Myspace

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Loved chatting with Bobby B and I am certain we will be in front when the Robert Lee Revue plays soon. Bobby is a really great guy and we will be talking with him again soon for part 2!

Thanks Bobby! xxooRK


Bobby Balderrama said...

Hi Kim, it was great talking with you a couple nites ago, thanks for putting our videos and our interview on your website. I will send you the smooth jazz Cd and a Question Mark and the Mysterians Tshirt next week , I am getting together with Question Mark on Monday to record and he is bringing the tshirt to me.
Thanks again my best

Anonymous said...

Amazing story about a very talented man! Great to see Bobby getting some recognition--well deserved!

Great job Kim!

Rick Ruiner

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