Mikey "the machinegun" Faucher

Michael Kalisz

Drummer Smokin Joe Leone and son Ian

What a blast I had tonight! I went out to scout drummers and met the gang at the School of Rock in St Claire Shores. I had met quite a few of the students at another event last year. Though I was there to meet drummers we ended up watching the rehearsal of the SOR band... they are playing this Sunday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit! Go check out these fabulously talented young kids..
Owner Tim Faucher has so much in common with me. We really support young musicians and hope to help promote them and assist in getting their careers started. We would love to have them come out and join us at the Drum Off March 25 in Ann Arbor. Press Release here

I saw Tieler drumming last year and he just blew me away... He is young but so powerful...and FAST.... We have a lot of speed drummers coming out so this competition is going to be big fun! That's what Retrokimmer's Drum Off is about...FUN and letting these drummers shine...

Marisa Nichols on vocals

Please stay tuned and if you are a drummer or know some send them over to me! Call Kimmer at the office 734 327 0099. We are getting down to the wire and need a few more drummers to fill out the day. Thanks so much to Joe Leone and Tim for having us visit tonight!

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Fast Film said...

what an awesomely fun compendium of photos in this story!

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