The Crash Dollz Rachel Rekkit and Nikki Darling called Kimmer on a 3 way last night and we had such a fun chat about the evolution of their music how happening it is right now... I absolutely LOVED them and their tune "Female Anarchy". Totally identify with their lyric... I really love meeting artists that have a very strong drive to succeed and follow their dreams. To me.. that is what life is about.

I saw a quote yesterday on Facebook and it said.."Life is not a game...quit trying to be a player.."

What??? LIFE IS THE GAME AND WE CAME TO PLAY... Rachel and Nikki definitely came to PLAY...

The Crash Dollz are totally punk but also metal as well. Totally Detroit if you ask me. The girls talked about the Detroit music scene and their place in the revolution of women in rock. These girls are the real deal...

Nikki Darling- Vocals
Rachel Rekkit- Guitar
Ron Krash- Bass
Brian Kaos- Drums

CrashDollz are considered to be one of Detroit’s top up and coming Punk bands of 2012. Labeled innovators in the Punk music Genre/Industry for bringing punk to a very refreshing updated place, where talent is not in short supply, CrashDollz have found an explosive combination of Raw Punk and Loud Metal.

Leading the way on vocals is Nikki Darling, with her Raw, Aggressive and Powerful vocals. Nikki's technical ability as a singer adds enormous depth to an otherwise stale genre.

Followed by Guitarist Rachel Rekkits loud in your face guitar riffs and whiz-kid solos that make no apologies for stomping on your ear drums! Meanwhile, Brian Kaos Brings his hard hitting drums to Crashdollz style, pounding his drums into submission while splitting stix.

Finally, you have Ron Krash on pounding bass and smoldering punker attitude. Rons edgy playing and punk-purist stance anchors the band perfectly. CrashDollz is the band to watch in 2012!


Alan Mueller said...

I have seen this band live. I will see them live again. They really have taken all Detroit has given in rock and roll and made it their own. Proud to have gotten on this band's bandwagon almost from the start. I predict they will revive Detroit rock and roll. Keep your eye on them they will be huge.

MJG196 said...

Girlschool 2012? (That's a good thing!)

Anonymous said...

More Detroit tranny rock...hell yes! They kick ass!

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