Detroit Rock Poster Artist Carl Lundgren

My Drum Off was created to introduce young drummers to my legendary drummer friends....
Well well well what a great time we had Sunday at my first Drum Off in Ann Arbor! This event took many twists and turns before we launched. I do believe that it evolved into an entertainment show more than a competition. The audience was very enthusiastic and seemed to be very entertained.... I know I was...

It was so much fun watching these fantastic young drummers! The drummers were also fascinated watching each other play. We really loved watching World's Youngest Pro Drummer, Julian Pavone watching Legendary Drummer Muruga.... Wow!

Drummers Ralph Serafino, Tony Bojanic, with Rick Ruiner lead singer of the Ruiners, Skid Marx fabulous friend and Bass player with the Seatbelts/Circusboy and many more... and finally the beautiful Carrie Marx whom I love dearly.

Carl Lundgren
Tim Faucher/Joe Leone
The School of Rock St Clair Shores
Julian Pavone
Fran and David Doman
Nadirah and Bruce Maki
Bogdon Vasquaf
Cathy Stoner
Art King
Muruga Booker
Tony Bojanic
Ralph Serafino
KJ Knight
Johnny Bee Badanjek
Dennis Machinegun Thompson
Scott and Leanna Asheton
Alex King

Bogdon Vasquaf you'se guyz ROCKED !

Art King "Couldn't ask for a better way to spend a Sunday, great event and great people."

Rick Ruiner Congrats on a wildly successful event! Awesome time!


Fast Film said...

Wowza! That looked like terrific fun for both participants and audience alike.

Anonymous said...

Jack Ashton Way to go!!! :-)

Retro Kimmer it was a gas Jack...

Mariane Zain-rhodes that 9 year ols was GREEEEAT!!!!!! i call him a little "buddy rich"-thanks for the videos-i am sad to have missed it-post events for the future-i need to get to one of these!!! can't wait till i am off these weekend shifts!!

Joe Leone Thanks for having us out the kids had a Blast!!

Anthony Bojanic It was a blast, Kim. My pleasure and honor to spend the day with such great people!

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