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It was a normal night for me on line writing and minding my facebook friends... I saw Robert Mulrooney was online too... I had a gig in Roseville the next night and I thought...WOULDN'T BE FUN TO TAKE BOOTSEY... sooo I instant messaged Bob and asked him to go with me.. He said, "YES".. I asked if he knew who I was... He said, "YES".. I asked him if he knew of my work.. he said "YES".. With that.. I went out to his home and scooped up Bootsey and I had the most fantastic gig because Bootsey was with me there... I LOVE HIM.. what a guy...

Today I am writing a piece about Bootsey's New CD Launch Party... I wanted to find some biography about him... I found a link from Metrotimes where Bootsey's many many friends and fans wrote tributes t him.. They were so beautiful that I want to share them with my readers around the world...


Saturday August 18th 8pm
Corktown Tavern
1716 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI 48216

The Party will be at CORKTOWN (DIRECTIONS)
The CD and DVD box are called Black Brain Red Heart and can be purchased at the door. There will be live bands such as Cheerleader, Troy Gregory and Marcy Bolan will be the DJ.

From Gerald Shohan

The songs on the Black Brain CD are a collection of tunes by bands Bootsey was a part of and played on over the last 35 years. The Ramrods, Coldcock, Destroy All Monsters (with Niagara, Ron and Scott Asheton), Rocket 455, The Lovemasters, and Bootsey’s most recent Solo Project.

From Writer Bill Holdship...

The first time I saw Bootsey X & the Lovemasters play was in the summer of '85 at Paycheck's. I was completely blown away, to say the least. I remember trying to describe them to my friends at the time: "They're kind of like the J. Geils Band gone new wave but with a killer sense of humor. ..." To me, so much of the "Bootsey" personality was sooo Detroit — from the musical attitude and showmanship right down to the sense of humor, which to me fit in perfectly with the CREEM style.
Full Story HERE

From Ricky Rat, Trash Brat and Lovemaster

Sometimes I don't think he really realizes how much the "Bootsey" part of his personality means to so many people. People just love Bootsey! He really is a special guy and has brought so much joy and smiles to so many people. I have learned so much about music, performing and just myself from being around Bob. Sometimes he is not the easiest guy to be a band with — but for the most part, it has been a fun and exciting ride.

From Danny Kroha, musician

Judging by the frequency of plays when Bootsey and I were living together, his favorites were/are the Rolling Stones, James Brown and the Stooges (Funhouse in particular). There was always great music playing in the house when I lived with him, and he's always been funny — one of the funniest dudes I've ever met. Still cracks me up to this day whenever I'm with him. I don't have any specific great stories about him. Some memories are unprintable. Better kept off the record!

From Art Lyzak, Mutants lead vocalist and Lili's manager

Bob sat behind the drums for the Mutants for a short while before he started the Lovemasters, and he's a terrific timekeeper in the early '60s style. Meat and potatoes, not a speck of cereal. He is focused on the beat and moving the song along.

As a frontman, Bootsey — like many Detroit singers of his time — graduated from the University of Iggy. He also took night classes studying with George Clinton. Bob is definitely the funkiest rockingest dude ever from the Farmington Hills-Livonia area.

I had the pleasure of working with the man in Dark Carnival with Ron Asheton and Niagara, and also in the BAD [Bootsey, Art & Dave] Experience with Polish Muslim Dave Uchalik and Let's Talk About Girls behind us. Singing an extended chorus of "Love Train" onstage with Bootsey is sheer musical joy. Trust me on this.

From Andrew Peabody, former Coldcock singer
In my mind, Bob "Bootsey X" Mulrooney, my former bandmate, roommate and longtime friend, has been the heart and soul of the Detroit indie music scene for over 30 years. From the early pre-Bookie's era in the mid-to-late '70s, when he was drumming in half the bands playing on that small punk circuit, through the '80s and '90s, when Bootsey X/Bobby Beyond moved to the front of the stage, Bob has always been there, has always been dedicated to his vision, and has been an entertainer and indie music scholar with no equal...


Below listed, in order, are the songs listed on the CD and the materials on the DVD.

Black Brain CD

1. Pusherman Of Love
2. Genius From The Waist Down
3. Hot Pants Power
4. Superficial
5. Loan Sugar Babe
6. Here It Comes
7. I'm A Ramrod
8. I Wanna Be Rich
9. You're A Mess
10. Stooge
11. T.V. Eye
12. Soul Mobile

Red Heart DVD

1. Bootsey/Xtravagonzo
April 10, 2010 at Lili's 21, Hamtramck
Dale Beavers
The Boners
The Space Heaters
The Meltdowns
Bootsey X And The Lovemasters
Timmy's Organism
2. Conversation With Bootsey
3. Bootsey X And The Lovemasters
September 1, 2010 at Noir Leather, Royal Oak

Bootsey X

photos: Margaret White, Richard Blondy, Retrokimmer, Noir Leather, Radio Opie, Gerald Shohan, Sue Berg, Video Dan Boyd

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