"In the left corner, wearing red trunks... wait a minnit... they're ALL wearing red trunks!"

#1 is a 1985 Spector NS-2 Bass, made by Stuart Spector, in his garage in Brooklyn, before he got big. It is a Ned Steinberger design, he of the headless bass, a la Sting. Serial number 27, my name in pearl in the last fret.

#2 is a 1967 or 68 Gibson EB2-TDC Bass. It is the KING of reggae and dub-style music. Also, "We Gotta Get Outta This Place" was recorded by Chas Chandler with The Animals on the Epiphone equivalent.

#3 is the "King Bee", my 1961 Gibson Les Paul Standard, SG style, used in the BlueBOB (John Neff and David Lynch) recording, 'Bad Night'. Almost mint.

#4 is my experimental 'stick' bass, which started life as a cheap Cort licensed Steinberger copy. I routed out the body behind it, built an active preamp, swapped out the pickups for very high end active ones, and it became a monster. Used exclusively on the Argentina Turner project, been on many records.

#5, on the right, is a 1964-65 Gibson EB-0 solid body SG-style bass. Another thumper. HUGE low end, not much highs. Kind of like the subwoofer of basses. Not this one, but same model my main bass in 'Zurich'. All of these guitars are museum-caliber, near mint condition.

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