Funk Brother and Bass Player Bob Babbitt

One of the most fantastic Bass Players from Motown's Funk Brothers Band passed away in Nashville... Bob Babbitt who is on the soundtrack of our lives.. will be missed greatly.. Take a look at this amazing musician's career.. please watch the videos.. it's hard not to have a tear streaking down my cheek.. but our Motown history is so very important to share with future generations...

By Susan Whitall
Detroit News Music Writer

Bob Babbitt, a bass player for Motown's studio band the Funk Brothers, died at 7:15 a.m. Monday in a Nashville hospice, according to his son, Joe Kreinar. Babbitt was 74.

Born Robert Kreinar in Pittsburgh, the veteran musician had been battling brain cancer for some time.

"He was a tough man, strong," said his son, Joe. "He could take pain. Right now I miss him deeply, and it's only been a few hours."

Although Babbitt's playing was always known by other musicians, his fame spread to a broader audience after the release of the 2002 film about the Funk Brothers, "Standing in the Shadows of Motown," in which he appeared.

From Bob Babbitt's website:

In 1993, Bob Babbitt was flown into Philadelphia to play on a recording session for 60’s teen idol Bobby Rydell. The recording engineer, unaware of who the mystery bass player on the floor was, turned to the producer with an ear-to-ear grin after Bob had played just a few notes and said, “this isn’t just any bass player, is it?”

Over the past four decades, Bob Babbitt has transcended the supportive, background role of electric bassist to become an institution, an icon of the groove so to speak. As a major role player in the Detroit, Philadelphia, New York and Nashville recording scene from the 1960’s through the 1990’s, Bob’s bass lines have graced over 200 Top 40 hits.....


Chuck Kreinar said...

I just discovered your site and the awesome post concerning my brother Bob Babbitt (Kreinar). Thank you for paying him such a great tribute. Not only was Bob an incredible musician, he was well-known by friends and family as a big-hearted, lovable guy. For Bob there was no black or white, the Funk Brothers truly became like brothers to one another. For anyone interested, see the Bassman Bob Babbitt fan page on Facebook, which is managed by his son Joe. His legend lives on.

Retro Kimmer said...

so nice to meet you Chuck! am a giant fan of Bob's from way back.....his legend will live on forever! xoK

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