Putting together "Sunchild" for the Ed Banger records Ed Rec Vol. X compilation wasn't the easiest task for French electronic duo Cassius. With a deadline looming, they were about to abandon the track altogether before Boom Bass called up his partner Philippe Zdar and told him to meet him at the studio for one last go at it.

"I threw together a very quick beat, and then recorded Hubert doing a bass line and a piano," Zdar recalls. "Then I put down some synths and a very light live drum that we ended up keeping – one long live trip, and no editing, with even the flaws and bad fingers. We loved it. It sounded like the soundtrack to all of us having raones, sardinas or paella in our favorite Ibiza beach restaurant on a long summer lunch."

Now you can take an exclusive listen to "Sunchild," which will absolutely appear on Ed Rec Vol. X, out June 11th (you can pre-order through iTunes now).

The track stands as a tribute to DJ Mehdi, a beloved member of the Ed Banger family who died two years ago: "Now if I close my eyes, I can feel the warm breeze and the pine trees," adds Zdar. "And if I listen really carefully, I can hear our dear brother Sunchild Mehdi laughing loud like he always did with his deep and warm 'ha ha ha's."

Retro Kimmer

A decade in, Ed Banger shows no sign of slowing down. "I am a happy boy. It's been 10 years of fun, travel, hard work and discovery. I feel lucky too, I met some strong artists, they are Ed Banger records. My main goal is to keep challenging ourselves. We are an alternative label, we are free to go where we want."

Ed Rec Vol. X

1. MR OIZO "IntroX"

2. KRAZY BALDHEAD "My soul is like a tree"

3. BREAKBOT featuring Pacific! "The Beach"

4. BUSY P "Still Busy"

5. MR FLASH "Reckless"

6. JUSTICE "BrianVision MMXIII"

7. CASSIUS "Sunchild"

8. MR OIZO "Secam"


10. DSL "In your house"

11. MICKEY MOONLIGHT "Transition"

12. FEADZ "Coleslaw43"

13. BOSTON BUN "Grinded"

14. SEBASTIAN "Moi" (demo version)

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