Hi Kimevonne. The Two of Pentacles brings to us many reminders! This is a card of many things happening at once, of finding balance and peace within the chaos, and of remembrance of your true nature; one of abundance, joyful, and existing in the present.

The Two of Pentacles is a card of taking life's many opportunities and obstacles in stride. This card speaks to being focused on your intent, and staying grounded in the moment. Many times life's chaos distracts us, and we start looking to the future, and what we want to create, forgetting that in order to manifest we must truly be rooted in the present.

Financial worries, and the how it will all happen cloud our connection to Self and Source. The energy of the Two of Pentacles comes to you know to remind you there is no need to worry. You have all you need within to progress in the direction you seek. This card reminds you to stay centered, focus, and mindful, and to remember that life is meant to be enjoyed.

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