I just finished reading this book.  Sorry, but I just don't see Mark Zuckerberg as evil and ruthless. He had a huge tiger by the tail and followed his own ideas for Facebook.  Yes he must have been influenced by many others but ultimately it was his vision that changed the world forever.

In the beginning The Facebook was designed as a place for college students to bring their college experiences into a virtual world. I joined FB early on but found it dull compared to Myspace and blogging.

But then Myspace screwed their millions of users by removing user's customizations and forcing them to use Myspace's lame templates...Bad idea...Everyone moved over to Facebook and abandoned the more difficult to use new Myspace. Over night Facebook was booming with bands, art, groups, and old friends reconnecting...

I doubt seriously that Mark had any idea that he would educate the massive baby boomer population on how to upload, download, and share. Basically what Facebook has done is to teach the masses how to be a blogger. I think it is wonderful.  The computer is no longer intimidating to older users.  They LOVE it...I thank Mark and his team for a such a brilliant creation.

I only have one wish that Facebook would stop trying to control friendships.  The most exciting thing about Facebook is that you can meet and build relationships with others around the globe. 

Friendships, promotions, networking, and other types of human connections are the key to peace on our planet. A truly ingenious invention by Mark...

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