Originally brainstormed by Art Godoy, and then picked up by Australian guitar designer Kieron Lomax, the guitar has become a focus of concerted effort at Salvi's Fine Guitars.

The body is solid Mahogany with a set neck and Ebony fingerboard. There's carbon fibre in the neck for tone and strength, and it comes equipped with 3 Custom DT pickups designed and built by local guru Mick Brierley.

Art Godoy Deniz Tek and Steve Godoy PHOTO ANNE LAURENT

"Since I got my original 1966 Crestwood Deluxe from Fred “Sonic” Smith, I’ve tried out many other great guitars. This one carries on the legacy and takes it even further. The ultimate in playability, tone and power." D.Tek

Deniz sent me this story about his new custom made SS Signature.  It is a great story with all the details my guitar fanatic pals will love....One cool thing about this story is that a mock up Art Godoy did for a potential Deniz Tek guitar is posted on the blog I made with him.  So I had seen this photo below 3 years ago.

Some very talented Deniz Tek fans in Adelaide picked up Art's idea and made it into a reality! Below is their mock up photo.

Deniz gave me all the specs he wanted, mostly measured off the legendary Crestwood, including the long vintage version of the batwing headstock. It also needed a Bigsby to complete the look. The pickups were to be Mini Humbuckers similar to the Crestwood.

Couldn't find a video with the new axe yet.... so here is one of my favorites.....

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