How exciting to be able to see a film on PBS that was made by two guys from Ypsilanti. Brian Kruger and Buddy Moorehouse did a fine job with this documentary ...good job guys! loved it!
Black and Blue is about one of the most disgraceful incidents in University of Michigan football history, and ultimately, one of the most inspiring. This film tells the long-forgotten story of the 1934 game between The University of Michigan and Georgia Tech.

When the Yellow Jackets agreed that season to come to Ann Arbor, Michigan for a game, they insisted on one condition - Michigan had to sit out the lone African-American player on the team, a talented end from Detroit named Willis Ward. Many of Ward s teammates were outraged when athletic officials at The University of Michigan agreed to the demand.

The most outraged Wolverine was Ward's roommate, a lineman from Grand Rapids named Gerald Ford. Ford threatened to quit the team in response to Ward's benching - and changed his mind only after Ward convinced him that he had to play.

The incident also galvanized the Michigan student body and Ann Arbor community, which held loud and vocal protests against the decision to keep Ward out of the game. In the end, the Ward incident helped The University of Michigan turn an important corner in race relations, and made an impact on Gerald Ford that stayed with him all the way to the White House.

When Ford passed away in 2006, President George W. Bush referenced the Willis Ward incident in his eulogy.

Black and Blue is the fifth documentary by the directing/writing team of Brian Kruger and Buddy Moorehouse. Moorehouse does the writing while Kruger does the directing and production. They take great pride in telling stories that have been long forgotten to history, and bringing them back to life.

Stunt3 Multimedia, Kruger and Moorehouse's production company, also offers educational editions for all of their films. These releases contain lesson plans, study guides and other bonus material so the stories can be told in an educational environment.

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