What a great night to be in Ann Arbor! My new friend Judy and I hung out at the Townie Pub Party on Campus. Right next to the Awesome Hill Auditorium...behind State St on Thayer. This is the kick off party to open the 2012 Ann Arbor Art Fairs. Ann Arbor actually has 3 Art Fairs running simultaneously. South University, State St/Liberty, and Main St. It is huge.

I saw so many fabulously talented people last night.. My favorite was Miss Hallie age 9. What a talent. Hallie is very clear about the plans for her future.. She is earning money selling her art to fund her tuition for MIT. Brilliant little girl so I thought I share a little of our conversation.. She had me on my toes! LOL

Miss Hallie gifted me with one of her very cool pictures. I chose this beautiful red flower with the black frame. I love red, black, and white. Classic work I think... This piece is on the shelf in the photo above of her booth. Hallie's Dad showing me how Hallie cuts out her images and then adds the details.. He gave the scrap paper and Hallie asked why was I holding that junk...LOL


Huge crowd last night enjoying the music. There were many bands playing all kinds of music... We couldn't pass up this darling little girl Jack Russell Terrier... What a doll .. her owner was cute too. LOL Her name is Izzy...I have to say the face painters at this party were FANTASTIC! I saw so many cool faces going by. One little kid was painted like a jaguar! I couldn't catch him for a photo. But these two little princesses liked posing for photos.. Loved them they were so cute..

Ran into my old boss and cohort Mark Loeb at his Mity Icy Italian Ice Booth. He gave me a pineapple Icy and it was so good... It had real pineapple in it.. He will be on the corner of State and N. University so stop by and try one during the Fair... Yum..

Now this was COOL!! Carol Fletcher who worked at Lakewood Elementary when Lesley went there.. Carol had the Reveal Your Artist booth where you could sit down and design a mannequin face/head. There were maqrkers/crayons/tin foil/crafter things for us to use.

Now I am not an artist...my daughter handles that area.. but I did have a good time hanging with Carol and drawing this poor lady above...LOL

Carol Fletcher..loved her pink hair!

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