What do Scott Peterson, Neil Entwistle and timeless literary seducers epitomized by Don Juan and Casanova have in common? They are charismatic, glib and seductive men who also embody the most dangerous human qualities: a breathtaking callousness, shallowness of emotion and the incapacity to love. In other words, these men are psychopaths.

Unfortunately, most psychopaths don t advertise themselves as heartless social predators. They come across as charming, intelligent, romantic and kind. Through their believable mask of sanity, they lure many of us into their dangerous nets. Dangerous Liaisons explains clearly what psychopaths are, why they act the way they do, how they attract us and whom they tend to target. Above all, this book helps victims find the strength to end their toxic relationships with psychopaths and move on, stronger and wiser, with the rest of their lives.

This psychological thriller shows both the hypnotic appeal and the deadly danger of psychopathic seduction. This novel traces the downfall of a married woman, Ana. Feeling trapped in a lackluster marriage, she has a torrid affair with Michael, a man who seems to be her soul mate and her dream come true. Having already tired of his fiancée, Karen—in spite of the fact she does everything possible to please him and keep him in her life—the seducer moves on to his next prey.

Although initially torn between love for her family and her passion for Michael, Ana eventually relents to her lover’s pressure. That’s when Michael’s “mask of sanity” peels to reveal the monstrously selfish psychopath underneath. Written in the tradition of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, The Seducer shows that true love can be found in our ordinary lives rather than in flimsy fantasies

masquerading as great passions.

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