My Best Bud Robin and Kimmer at Weber's in A2

My best bud for many many years came to town tonight. Robin Comer and I met at the Super Sale company back in the day and have been together ever since. Throughout many fun trips to the Caribbean, many lost boyfriends, a wedding, a baby and a divorce... Robin has been right beside me through it all.

Robin and I working in Louisville KY 1987

Robin managed the advertising and media buys for the Super Sale and I was the Show Manager. We were so young to be so responsible... it was an incredible time for us both. We had so many adventures together.

The first trip we went on was to Chicago, IL. We were so wrapped up in talking to each other I almost ran my car over a ramp onto the O'Hare Airport tarmack 45 feet below! OMG we freaked out for a minute then picked up the conversation right back where we left it to scream! LOL I moved away first after I got married. I saw Robin often but I always was so sad when she drove away. Just like I felt tonight when hugged me goodbye.

Robin with Lesley 1993

Robin is younger than me and was the little sister I always wanted. Here is Lesley with her Aunt Robin. It was Robin that was in the delivery room with me when Lesley was born in Feb 1992. It was Robin that helped me pack for the hospital at 3 am when I went into labor 2 weeks early. Robin always insisted that I would have the baby on February 23 but Lesley came on the 22nd. Funny though her birth certificate was filed with .... you got it Feb 23...

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