Michigan's Old Jackson Prison

Christmas time 1974..I visited Jackson Prison to drop off gifts from an inmate's mother. The inmate was the brother of an old boyfriend of mine. He put me on his visitation list and off I went. 

When I got out of my car and saw this massive building, it took my breath away. I turned my head all the way right and then all the way left to take in how huge this building was. 

I went in the main gate and took my packages to the desk. The guards instructed me to the locker room and told me to lock up all my possessions. Purse, watch, earrings, necklace and sunglasses. Couldn't take in any accessories. 

I had to go through three check points complete with major clanging jail doors. I saw the main prison..it wasn't pretty...see photo above.

In the locker room were a bunch of young girls getting ready to "visit" their favorite inmates. Clothes on hangers, hot rollers, curling irons, mirrors and girls chatting like a high school locker room. This what they did for "fun". Freaked me out....really spooky place.

Harry Bennett's Castle in Ann Arbor is rumored to be seriously haunted...I have a girlfriend who stayed there a lot in the 1980s and she said they were a lot of cold spots and spooky happenings...

Harry is rumored to haunt the Pagoda House on Grosse Ile, the Boy Scout Camp (above) and his various cabins.. One busy ghost dude!!


The Swimming Pool: Detroit Masonic Temple

The story goes that Detroit Masonic Temple security were chasing some hippie guy one night after a gig  and the hippie ran into the pool room in the dark (big mistake)..he fell off the balcony into the deep end, broke his neck and died. The un-finished pool had never been filled with water and it was quite a drop...see my photo above...(thanks Paul Buono).


One of my favorite places to stay in Detroit is the Leland (house) Hotel. AKA the Ramada Inn on Bagley...It looks alot like the hotel from the movie The Shining..the hallways are so spooky. Reminds me of the hallway where the tow little girls were seen.. Clip HERE The rooms had/have kitchenettes are very retro inside..not fancy new remodels. At least when I was last there in 2006.


(Murder Motels)The Leland has once been an amazing luxury hotel, built in 1927 by the guy who invented the Lincoln. It was known for having air-conditioned rooms and was notorious for being the hangout of the Purple Gang and Jimmy Hoffa. Rumor has it, the Leland was one of the first places they searched for Hoffa when he turned up missing, and there’s a lot of local lore about the fourth floor, which used to feature a lounge and a billiards room. Read More

As kids we always made jokes about being sent to "Eloise". A big scary place right on Michigan Ave in Westland, MI. In 1977 a brave (crazy) girl pal and I walked right in the front door one night and scouted the place as long as we could until we were tossed out by a grumpy old security man...who knows.. maybe he was a ghost....Very spooky place indeed...it is still there...See Eloise on Facebook!

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