On Saturday, October 24, 2015 at Willow Run, we will attempt to take back our World Record for the Most Rosie the Riveters.

Here’s the schedule of events for Oct. 24, I will determine a meeting place once I have an idea how many of us there will be): Official World Record photo taken at 2:00 pm. Doors open at 10:00 am. Check-in tables close at 1:00pm. Fun activities and entertainment provided from opening time until photo Staging Call at 1:30pm. (Recommended to arrive by Noon or earlier to allow time for check-in procedures.)

TO PARTICIPATE, you must follow these 4 easy steps:

STEP 1: Register Online: http://www.savethebomberplant.org/rosie-world-record/

STEP 2: Print out and sign the Waiver Form, and bring it to the event.

STEP 3: Review the Costume Guidelines http://www.savethebomberplant.org/rosie-world-record/ (Costumes MUST follow the guidelines perfectly or you will not be allowed to participate!)

STEP 4: Get the Event Schedule and Directions to Willow Run Airport Hangar One here. /

Costume Guidelines (Please see the website for photos and tips)

Costume must be accurate so Guinness doesn’t disqualify us. Please review the costume guidelines below. Start shopping for your costume NOW, because last time local thrift stores ran out of dark blue duds, and local fabric stores ran out of polka-dots. It will be very hard to find costume elements the week or two before the event. (The Yankee Air Museum is selling bandannas and socks online)

Follow these costume guidelines from Guinness tomato sure you are counted as a Rosie!


Stores will run out as the event approaches, so shop early! We can’t stress this enough: With as many as 2,000 women out there shopping for polka dots, please start shopping for your costume elements now.

Bandanna: The correct polka-dot fabric is available from Joann Fabrics in-store and online; the fabric’s name is “Large Dots on Lipstick” and the fabric is from the “Keepsake Calico Collection.” Purchase 1 yard per bandanna. You can simply cut the fabric into a square or a strip, it does not need to be sewn. The Yankee Air Museum sells Guinness-approved bandannas online and also in their Gift Shop. There is no admission fee to visit the Gift Shop.

Red Socks: Plain red soccer or baseball socks are available at stores like Dunhams and MC Sports. The Yankee Air Museum sells Guinness-approved red socks online here and also in their Gift Shop.

Dark Blue Work Outfit: Tractor Supply and Menard’s have dark blue work coveralls with sleeves. They are also available from online sources. Salvation Army and other large thrift stores are a great source for a dark blue collared long-sleeved shirt and dark blue pants, be sure to check the men’s department. Land’s End online has plain dark blue shirts and pants for women and girls.

Remember, your costume must follow these Guinness guidelines to be counted as a Rosie! READ MORE HERE

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