My favorite series are playing now too... Better Call Saul 3, Fargo 3, The Americans 5, and finished Sun Records.

Better Call Saul is AWESOME! So exciting this year! Lots of BR/BA characters are back to terrify us once more! The plot this season is really moving at a rapid pace. If I say anymore it will be a spoiler.. 5 STARS

Fargo 3 Is very interesting, all new characters, but not a lot of the drama of the first series. The characters are engaging though. Hoping the show picks up soon! 3 STARS so far...

The Americans is barely watchable this season so far. The writers keep focusing on that whiny daughter and she gets way too much screen time..Back to spying please!! 3 STARS

Sun Records was fabulous across the board but not too many people seem interested in it. The acting is good and the music is really good. Chad Michael Murray is kick ass as Sam Phillips! 4 STARS

My HULU binge for the week is Law & Order SVU. I am on season 5 now.. Love the series, not as much as the original with Chris Noth and company but love the cast on SVU. A lot of the cast come from all my favorite shows. Actually they got their start on SVU and moved on to more fame with other series. Fun to watch them, dark topics, not for the faint of heart! 4 STARS

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