The Six of Wands is about the type of victory and success that comes from hard work and everything paying off for you in the end. You may have had a difficult road in achieving this success but it's all worth it.

You will know this as you bask in the emotions that surround you as you enjoy the tumultuous feelings the Six of Wands inspires. Is there news you have been waiting for that could have an impact on your life for the better?

You may have been sitting exams or other tests and the Six of Wands shows you will succeed. There is a great deal of support from those around you. People you know, and possibly people you do not know, will help you to reach your goals regardless of whether it is important to them if you succeed or not.

Any communications you need to make in regards to putting a plan in motion should work out well for you. You will be met with a smooth ride in finding your answers as this is the beauty of the Six of Wands.

It is like riding a wave, gaining momentum, as you go from success to success. As the successes mount up, your confidence grows, and the next step you need to take becomes clear.

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