As the Moon leaves an intuitive part of your chart and returns to Aquarius, this will see the pursuit of your inner truth continue. The answer you're looking for is what do you really want from life?

This is not a rhetorical question, for right now you have forces standing by, ready and waiting to help make it happen. Options abound across the job, play and adventurous fronts. The question now is how much do you want to put in each basket? Start with the assumption that you can have it all.

Brilliant ideas come to you as lightning bolts of energy today. It's as if the ceiling of your mind has been removed and your thoughts are free to mingle with the stars. However, there's a price to pay if you don't know when to stop dreaming. The source of your trouble now is your over-extension. Larger-than-life aspirations give you a feeling of power for a short time, but might not pay off in the long run. Write down your best thoughts and then wait until tomorrow to pick the most sensible ones for further exploration.

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