Nathaniel David Rateliff is an American singer and songwriter based in Denver, whose influences are described as folk, Americana and vintage rhythm & blues. He reminded me of MC5 legendary front man Rob Tyner. Nataniel has a very unique and commanding stage presence and such a gospel style soul shaking sound.

Dennis (Machinegun) Thompson and I were home watching Fargo S3 Ep1 The Law of Vacant Places  the other night and we heard the closing song S.O.B by  Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. Man did I freak out over this tune!!

I instantly jumped for you tube to find out who was singing this! Luckily Dennis saw the name in the credits to ease the search. Seems I am always tracking down new music from my favorite TV series these days.

Nathaniel Rateliff Austin City Limits (Son Of A Bitch)

I went into the office to see this big band! Watched the video twice and then called Dennis in to see it. Being THE legendary drummer of the MC5, Dennis Thompson has a VERY selective taste in music... very few bands pass his quality control . 😎

We both loved the horns! It is so great to see young bands branching out from the tired 2 guitars, bass and drums stage style. BIG Sound is fabulous! This band is on STAX RECORDS too. How cool is that?

As we watched this video I saw a slow smile spread across Dennis' face then go into full grin at the chorus. We both loved Nathaniel. This band passed the Machinegun test!

There just aren't enough adjectives to describe this 38 year old Missouri raised gospel/rock musician/performer. And wouldn't you know it? I read his Wiki page and Nate is a DRUMMER! Yes indeed and Dennis knew that instantly.

Loved this tune too! 

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