5 Great Books Which Will Inspire Your Own Writing

Every one of us dreamed of creating something unique one day. It could have been a new technology, a new medicine, etc. However, most of us intended to build the whole world in its own Universe. Surely, the only way to do so was to create it either in your mind or writing about it down on paper.

Every child wished that necessity to put his thoughts on a paper, but when they grew up, all their inspiration has gone away. It`s great that in our times we have a lot of special companies which can provide us with any case study services or other tasks. Well, if you still want to write a novel or a book here are 5 great books, in which you can find inspiration for your own story.

Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling)

There is no a single child or an adult who still hasn’t heard of Harry Potter and his adventures. The boy who survived has made a huge influence on people these days. Moreover, many of them admit that the series about an unusual kid are incredibly inspirational as they bring you into the magical world where everything is possible (such place is everyone’s dream). Harry Potter stories are easy to read, and if you ask the author how to start writing a story like that, her answer is simple “One day when my train was delayed, I become bored and started dreaming. That was the exact moment when I made up the beginning of my story, and I wrote it down immediately. Later, I continued to write about it every single minute…” Thus, according to Rowling’s experience, you need to write down everything you are thinking about, because one day even a small story about a boy may become a world-known bestseller.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (S. Chbosky)

At the first look, this is a simple novel about a regular high school student Charlie who wanted to be free. However, why it is called the modern “The Catcher in the Rye”? “The perks of being a wallflower” is a story that may happen to all of us. Everyone has to face tough school years, and Chbosky just tells one story about teenagers’ difficulties on paper. If you have ideas what to write about, recall your high school experience and share tips with everybody. “Don’t think about special literary style, just write about what you like”. Undoubtedly, your story will be unique and who knows, maybe one day critics will name your book a new “The perks of being a wallflower.”

1984 (G. Orwell)

Orwell’s prediction, which was supposed to be a warning, is now becoming a true reality. с. This book is a must for those, who is going to write with no censorship about faithful and disgusting reality about us. The modern world is not a piece of a pie and if you have something to say about – you are welcome. There is a huge variety of talented writers and books on the similar topic, though they are not alike at all. Thus, if you realize what critical thinking and critical writing are, take your chances and become Orwell of our days.

Master and Margarita (M. Bulgakov)

This book of a Russian novelist, considered to be the classic, is world famous and translated into all possible language. The unusual story of God and Devil, love and hate, art and sin. The story of Author, who is an unappreciated by society genius, is touchy and reflects the vulnerable nature of every artist. His search of happiness in life through his art is a warning for all beginner writers, as this will wait for them as well. This novel will not come in handy for those who are looking for ideas or perfect literary style, but for those who are not sure if he handles the heavy cross of being a writer.

The Fault in Our Stars (J. Green)

The title of this novel may be familiar to you as a few years ago the movie based on this book rocked every teenager in various countries. However, if you think about it deeper, you’ll see that it is not a simple love story. The small details are important here. First of all, this book is filled with a contemporary writing style which is easy to comprehend. Thus, if you have writing issues, read this novel and note how it is composed. Secondly, this novel is incredibly inspiring for those who are about to write such serious stories, though they are only popular with youngsters.

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