The Emperor's character speaks of establishing a strong, stable foundation for life and of forging plans that will convert thoughts and ideas into reality. A disciplined leader, he has always earned his way and never retired to the background or relied on the charity or assistance of others. These traits make him a respected teacher for the next generation, who will view him as the father and benefactor, builder of the home, husband, lover, and strong career man.

Power and ambition define the Emperor. He assumes command of his own life as well as his environment, body, temper, instincts, and affairs of his heart. The wants and needs of others cannot hope to control this aggressive, brave, bold, and commanding figure.

As monarch, commander and chief of his environment, the Emperor can either be demanding or charismatic, possibly representing just the person that you need to motivate you and impel you to realize your potential.

Positive Position: You are confident, the father and builder of structures, solid foundations, and the boss in control. The Emperor is in control of his marriage, family, business and his environmental relationships. The Emperor represents a person who offers sound advice and a secure relationship.

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