There are a lot of tips and advice for young authors on how should they write their book, but people don’t find relevant to overlay things you shouldn’t do while writing a book. On the contrary, we understand that there are moments to be avoided in composing your novel or story if you’d wish to turn it in a real banger. Here are some steps you shouldn’t take while writing a book for the first time.

1. Copy someone else’s style

The problem of creating your own writing style hits many writers at the beginning of their career. Being literature lovers, the beginners tend to copy the storytelling style of famous authors. They often use Joyce’s stream of consciousness, Camus’ existentialism or Faulkner’s expressiveness. Of course, it isn’t forbidden to apply those familiar storytelling manners in your works, but you have not to forget to keep your style original. To develop your personal storytelling mode, you have to write a lot, to find an own way of presenting thoughts and feelings. Find out what inspires you the most and try to describe your feelings honestly. Avoid using pompous and complicated phrases. Exercising in the depiction of your story using simple sentences will help grasp reader’s attention and catch the plot.

2. Get hung up on details

Concentration and attention to detail can be good. But, sometimes many young authors get stuck in the middle of the story trying to find ideas. Thinking over the best possible continuation of events you’re wasting your time. Instead of hanging up on the deadlock, try to work with the plot. Develop following events in your story, and reconsidering the plot, the idea you’ve been looking for will come to you eventually. Though, if you faced with a standstill and your fantasy has no desire to assist you in storytelling anymore, you can ask for ‘writing salvation’ at Edu birdie with years of experience can pull you out from the point of struggle.

3. Use prosaic language

Ernst Hemingway already determined one of the best rules to writing a book. He said: “write hard and clear about hurts’’. Even now, this quotation isn’t losing its genuineness and help young souls to describe their emotions on paper.

If you want a book to bring you success and recognition, write honest and transparent. Avoid prosaic and hackneyed phrases. They diminish the value of crucial things in your novel. Don’t be shy about your feelings: let them surprise and touch reader’s mind. People value honesty and simplicity and when opening your heart to the readers, you will absolutely find your audience.

4. Keep it to yourself only

Many writers are making this huge mistake. They don’t share their stories with friends and family. Constructive critique is useful for your story. Ask your relatives or close friends to look through your novel. Maybe give them some chapters to read. They can have a different view of some things, and it will help you to see drawbacks, you didn’t notice earlier. Maybe, their fresh opinions can push you to find the words to avoid in writing a book or suggestions of new ideas for the plot.

5. Give up

Composing a book isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of your time and imagination. Sometimes you lose, other times you win, that’s what life is about. Even if everything goes wrong, find the inner strength to continue your path in storytelling and don’t give up. In fact, a lot of famous authors weren’t that successful at the start of their career, but they tried hard and became acknowledged crafting masters. Remember that bad times are temporal and good will sure to come if you keep on trying and working hard.

Whether you are still wondering how to start writing a book, it’s not a big deal to find advice and inspiration on the Internet. Watch films, reread your favorite novel or chat with a friend. You can come up with the idea any time and be ready to start writing process. Your patience and hard will totally be rewarded, so don’t feel sorry for yourself if something didn’t go the way you’ve expected. Read, practice and try again!

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