Michigan is home to a few different popular nightlife scenes, and two of the most notable are in Grand Rapids and Detroit. While Detroit is more internationally known, it's no secret around here that Grand Rapids has an exciting nightlife scene. If you've been lucky enough to party in both destinations, you know exactly what we're talking about when we say that these spots are electric destinations all throughout the week. We think it's important to set aside the time to enjoy a night out with friends. There's no better way to get acquainted with any city, regardless of what side of the Mitten you find yourself in.

Enjoying nightlife doesn't always have to consist of jumping from one bar to the next, although there's nothing wrong with that scenario if you're looking for fun. There are other options outside of the norm that will result in just as much fun! Consider checking out a paint and wine destination like Brush Studio or Painting with a Twist in Grand Rapids. This is the perfect way to flex your creativity while enjoying the company of friends and alcohol. If you're looking to party in the Motor City, be sure to check out local event schedules on social media like Facebook. There are constantly innovative and captivating events happening each night in the city at art galleries, parks, and rooftop destinations.

The best way to tie a nightlife trip together is to introduce professional transportation to the mix. Booking with Michigan Limo Service is the top way to ensure there's no search for a designated driver after enjoying drinks through the night. Not only is it the safest option, but it also works out to be an affordable one when it's split between the group in attendance. Not to mention, the drivers of these vehicles are extremely familiar with the city and are happy to offer suggestions if you're looking for them on the road.

The features on board a party bus are perfect for bringing the celebration on board! There are tinted windows for privacy, color changing lights, auxiliary capable audio systems, contemporary interiors, television screens, cup holders, and counter tops for convenience. Safety and fun are the top concerns when anybody is out enjoying drinks with their friends. With a limo or party bus along for the ride, it is easy to make sure all of these bases are covered.

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